XPENG and ACCESS Collaborate on Next-Generation In-Vehicle Infotainment

With a cutting-edge in-vehicle infotainment (IVI) solution, XPENG, the renowned premium electric vehicle manufacturer, hopes to improve driving for European customers. In a calculated move, XPENG has decided to provide its TwineTM for Car (Twine4Car) platform through ACCESS, a renowned supplier of cutting-edge solutions. With the gorgeous XPENG P7 sedan as the starting point, this unique partnership intends to provide a new level of elegance, entertainment, and convenience to XPENG’s line of electric automobiles.

Increasing Mobility with Intelligent Innovation

The automobile sector has been rocked by the statement from XPENG as the business reveals its ambition to reinvent mobility experiences. Eric Xu, vice president of international markets at XPENG, explains the company’s dedication to both emotional and physical activity. The ACCESS Twine4Car IVI solution, according to him, will make XPENG drivers’ travels in Europe more enjoyable and straightforward.

Launching the ACCESS Twine4Car Platform

ACCESS For linked car infotainment, Twine4Car is at the forefront of automotive content and app service solutions. XPENG is now able to offer branded entertainment offerings that speak to the expectations of contemporary drivers thanks to this ground-breaking platform. Numerous well-known social, productivity, and entertainment apps are available in the Twine4Car app store. This enables drivers and passengers to switch between work and pleasure without difficulty, even when parked or charging.

A Mobile Gaming Haven

Drivers of XPENG vehicles will soon be able to enjoy an immersive gaming experience while driving thanks to ACCESS. The platform uses cutting-edge high-compression streaming technology and provides a dedicated game site with console-class titles. You can play uninterruptedly regardless of your speed of travel or the speed of your internet connection.

Creating the Future of Infotainment with ACCESS and XPENG

The CEO of ACCESS Europe, Masahiro Aono, emphasizes the crucial part ACCESS played in establishing the infotainment environment for XPENG’s electric vehicles. In order to replicate the elegance and perfection of XPENG’s electric vehicles, the alliance intends to offer infotainment experiences. The combination of ACCESS’s unmatched IVI capabilities and XPENG’s forward-thinking design philosophy is sure to enthrall both drivers and passengers.

Multifaceted Offerings of Twine4Car

  1. Twine App shop: Twine is an in-car app shop that is specifically designed for XPENG drivers and passengers. It provides a wide variety of apps via a branded in-car platform. The combination of native apps and HTML5 enables a flexible and interesting user experience.
  2. Support for native Android apps: A seamless integration of native applications creates an engaging user experience. An excellent UX is created by the OEM-branded IVI interface for native apps and embedded/API-based services.
  3. Sync Play: This feature allows passengers to watch content on the car’s screen at the same time, providing a coordinated entertainment experience. This feature promotes bonding and improves in-car comradery.
  4. Parental/Remote Control: Twine4Car’s extensive content control gives parents the ability to limit what their kids can access. Every screen in the car may be used with the system, making it convenient for the whole family.


By seamlessly merging technology, entertainment, and emotion while driving, XPENG’s partnership with ACCESS is ready to transform the driving experience. Drivers of XPENG vehicles can anticipate an enhanced journey that goes beyond the limits of mobility with the help of the ACCESS Twine4Car IVI solution. The age of driving joy has arrived, and XPENG and ACCESS are leading the way into the infotainment future. Drivers and passengers can look forward to an unmatched fusion of sophistication and fun on the road as XPENG’s all-electric P7 sedan heralds in this transition.

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