Measure with Ease: Introducing the 25° Ruler

Enter the realm of precision and innovation with the groundbreaking 25° Ruler, a Kickstarter sensation that’s reshaping the landscape of measurement tools. Embarking on its 8th ruler campaign, the team behind this marvel is proud to unveil their latest creation, poised to redefine how designers approach their projects. Explore the features, benefits, and sheer brilliance behind the 25° Ruler as it takes center stage in the world of design.

Enhanced Ergonomics for Effortless Design

Building upon the resounding success of previous campaigns, the 25° Ruler emerges as the epitome of ergonomic excellence. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this ruler boasts a 25° slope that revolutionizes traditional measurement tools. Users can bid farewell to straining their backs or squinting to read measurements, as the innovative design ensures optimal comfort and accuracy, allowing them to focus solely on bringing their visions to life.

Safety First, Precision Always

Safety remains paramount in every creative endeavor, and the 25° Ruler is engineered with this principle in mind. By keeping users’ hands clear of the cutting path, this ruler minimizes the risk of accidents, providing a secure and stable platform for precise measurements. With every tick mark meticulously labeled, users can bid farewell to guesswork and embrace unparalleled accuracy with confidence.

Unrivaled Clarity and Durability

Designed for clarity and longevity, the 25° Ruler features large, easy-to-read fonts and laser-engraved markings that withstand the test of time. Crafted from aerospace-grade aluminum, this ruler combines lightweight portability with unmatched durability, ensuring reliable performance project after project. Whether users are tackling a small-scale assignment or a grand blueprint, they can rest assured that the 25° Ruler is up to the task.

Personalize Your Precision

Why settle for ordinary when users can infuse their toolkit with personality? Available in five stylish colors and five convenient sizes, the 25° Ruler allows individuals to express their unique flair while staying true to their design ethos. They can choose the hue that speaks to their aesthetic sensibilities and embark on their creative journey with a touch of individuality.

Join the Revolution

But don’t just take their word for it! Hear directly from satisfied backers who’ve experienced the transformative power of these rulers. Their stories illuminate the profound impact the 30° Ruler has had on their projects and lives, serving as a testament to the precision and quality synonymous with this brand.


As the team expresses gratitude to the Kickstarter community for their unwavering support, they invite individuals to join them in redefining the landscape of precision tools. Together, let’s embrace innovation, elevate design, and embark on a journey where every measurement counts. Thank you for believing in them, thank you for believing in the 25° Ruler – the future of precision is here.

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