How Android Beats the iPhone

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We know that there has been a long rival between the iPhone devices as well as the Android devices. To be honest, we have no idea where this all came from, but we still love the phones that we use, and we are more than willing to entertain them as long we are getting devices that are getting better with each passing day.

Talking of devices which are better, we have some pointers we think that the Android has managed to make its mark in the world of mobile phones. And these are just some of the ways that Android can be seen to better than the iPhone. Also Android is better when it comes to slot machines (machine a sous en ligne).

How Android is Better Than The iPhone


The Android may be a phone that we despise at times, but we cannot deny the fact that it is way better than the iPhone when it comes to customisability of the phone. And not only this but the general user interface, the OS of Android devices is way better as compared to that one of iPhone devices.

Added Storage

Another way that the Android has managed to beat the iPhone is through added storage. While the storage of an iPhone is great, it cannot beta the capacity to add storage on your device whenever you need it. This then making it easier for us to be able to add more storage on our devices when we want to play real money best au online casinos games.


Then there are the issues of Google. It has taken the record of being one of the best navigation systems in the world. Because of its accuracy and the way that it has managed to interconnect with people from all over the world. Unlike the iPhone who main user bases in in America, thereby limiting its mapping capability, with the Android, we have devices all over world, allowing for aloft flawless mapping.

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