HiPhi Y: China’s Premium EV Brand Launches Mid-Size SUV

HiPhi, China’s renowned premium electric vehicle (EV) brand, has taken the automotive industry by storm with the official launch of its latest model, the HiPhi Y mid-size SUV. The grand global event held in Shanghai showcased HiPhi’s commitment to innovation and cutting-edge technologies, as seen in their previously acclaimed flagship models, the X ‘Super SUV’ and Z ‘Digital GT’.

Distinguished by its striking design and visionary features, the HiPhi Y captivated the attention of media, VIPs, and existing HiPhi enthusiasts. The event commenced with a personal introduction by HiPhi Founder, David Ding, who shared his insights into the philosophy behind the Y. As a luxury mainstream model, the HiPhi Y adheres to the LuxTech ideology, which underpins the X and Z models. Notably, the Y introduces several groundbreaking features that set new industry standards, including the revolutionary second-generation no-touch automatic wing-opening doors, the robotic arm-mounted infotainment screen, and the active all-wheel steering.

Elevating the driving experience, the HiPhi Y lineup offers a comprehensive range of high-tech equipment across its Flagship, Long Range, Elite, and Pioneer versions. The Long Range model is equipped with a robust 115kWh battery, capable of covering an impressive distance of up to 810km (CLTC) on a single charge, pushing the boundaries of long-distance EV capabilities. For those seeking exceptional performance and versatility, the standard battery variant provides a generous range of up to 560km (CLTC).

The HiPhi Y‘s powerful performance is driven by four-wheel, dual motor versions, boasting peak power of up to 371kW, enabling an exhilarating 0-100 km/h acceleration in just 4.7 seconds. Alternatively, the rear-wheel-drive single motor versions exhibit a peak power of 247kW. Adding to its prowess, the HiPhi Y is equipped with advanced front double wishbone suspension and rear five-link suspension, complemented by a chassis integrated control system that optimally deploys various actuators for superior body control at all times. The active all-wheel steering enhances stability at high speeds while providing exceptional agility at lower speeds.

Stepping into the HiPhi Y reveals an interior adorned with advanced technology, featuring three sophisticated screens. The centerpiece is the 17-inch OLED center display, accompanied by a 15-inch HD front passenger touch screen and a 12.3-inch full LCD instrument screen. Additionally, all models come equipped with a remarkable 22.9-inch HD color heads-up display and a 9.2-inch streaming media rearview mirror. Beyond these impressive screens, the HiPhi Y houses a HiPhi Box high-performance computer, powered by a Qualcomm 8250 chip, capable of supporting media casting and Bluetooth connectivity for a keyboard and mouse.

Ensuring an immersive audio experience, the HiPhi Y is equipped with the esteemed Meridian™ Audio System, boasting a staggering 25 speakers distributed throughout the vehicle, with two dedicated solely to the driver. Delivering remarkable sound quality, the amplifier platform produces a maximum power output of 2,820W, while the 7.1.4 surround sound system envelops passengers in an extraordinary audio journey.

The HiPhi Y is now available for order, and examples have already been delivered to HiPhi Hub showrooms across China. Customers in Europe will also have the opportunity to order their HiPhi Y before the end of 2023, with the first deliveries scheduled for 2024. Embodying the pinnacle of automotive technology, the HiPhi Y represents a remarkable leap forward in the mid-size SUV segment, promising an unrivaled fusion of luxury, innovation, and sustainability.

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