HHKB Studio: The Ultimate All-in-One Keyboard

In an era where workstyles and computing environments are rapidly diversifying, the need for a versatile yet comfortable keyboard is more crucial than ever. PFU America has risen to this challenge with the unveiling of the groundbreaking HHKB Studio. This all-in-one keyboard, designed in collaboration with Huge Design LLC, is poised to redefine your typing experience, whether you’re a professional, creator, or developer.

A Keyboard Beyond Ordinary

HHKB Studio doesn’t just fit into your workspace; it transforms it. This keyboard boasts a host of cutting-edge features to make your tasks more comfortable and efficient. With Gesture Pads, a responsive pointing stick, and customizable key layouts, it offers an immersive typing experience that adapts to your unique needs.

  • Gesture Pad Functionality: HHKB Studio introduces four gesture pads—two on each side and two on the front—putting a world of capabilities at your fingertips. These intuitive pads let you effortlessly switch between windows, scroll through content, and finely tune analog settings like volume. You can even reconfigure them to execute complex commands, making tasks like photo and video editing a breeze.
  • Pointing Stick and Mouse Button: The keyboard’s integrated pointing stick and mouse buttons, conveniently placed below the space key, empower you to control your cursor right from the home position. No more reaching for a touchpad or a separate mouse; HHKB Studio makes your typing experience fully immersive and comfortable, no matter where you’re working.
  • Silent Linear Switch: Typing on HHKB Studio is a zen-like experience, thanks to its proprietary 45g linear switches. These switches are designed for ultimate smoothness and minimal typing distraction. And for the ultimate in customization, the keyboard is hot-swappable, meaning you can choose the key switch that best suits your typing style. It’s compatible with regular profile MX-style 3- and 5-pin mechanical switches, so your typing experience is uniquely yours.
  • Customizable Key Layout: HHKB Studio gives you the power to create a keyboard that reflects your work, hobbies, and preferences. The new HHKB Studio keymap modification tool lets you customize Gesture Pad settings to your liking. You can also create up to four key map profiles, each tailored to a specific application. Switching between these profiles is a breeze, and they’re stored within the keyboard, making them accessible on any connected device.

Universal Compatibility

No matter your operating system, HHKB Studio seamlessly connects to your devices. It’s compatible with iOS, macOS, Windows, Android, and Linux. With Bluetooth connectivity for up to four devices and a USB-C option, you can easily switch between platforms. HHKB’s commitment to high-performance keyboard functionality in a compact form has resonated with users worldwide, with over 670,000 units sold since its launch in 1996.

Pre-Order Now

Ready to elevate your typing experience to a new level of efficiency and comfort? HHKB Studio is available for pre-order with prices start at just $329.00, so don’t miss your chance to be among the first to experience this groundbreaking keyboard. HHKB Studio is not just a keyboard; it’s a new way of working. Get ready to reimagine your workspace with HHKB Studio.

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