DJI Mic 2: Ultimate Sound Buddy for Creators!

Elevating Professional Audio Recording Excellence with Unparalleled Quality, User-Centric Design, and Exceptional Stability

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DJI has unveiled its latest creation – the DJI Mic 2. This cutting-edge audio recording solution sets a new standard in the industry, offering content creators an extraordinary experience marked by high-quality recording functions, user-friendly design, and unparalleled stability.

Pro Audio Recording Functions in Pocket-Size

Discover the brilliance of DJI Mic 2, where capturing exceptional sounds is a promise fulfilled. Boasting omnidirectional recording capabilities optimized for vocal clarity, this pocket-sized device ensures high-quality audio in various scenarios. The intelligent noise-canceling technology and included windscreen make it a game-changer in bustling urban areas and windy outdoor settings, providing clear vocals and uninterrupted recordings.

User-Friendly Design for a Seamless Experience

Designed with both technical advancement and user comfort in mind, DJI Mic 2 stands out with its sleek aesthetic and a premium metal charging case. The case not only adds a touch of minimalism but also features a locking latch for secure usage. With transmitter color options like Shadow Black and Pearl White, users can choose a style that suits their preferences.

Getting started is a breeze with DJI Mic 2. The system is ready to use anytime, anywhere, automatically pairing transmitters and receivers while charging them. The device seamlessly connects to DJI Osmo Action 4, DJI Osmo Pocket 3, smartphones, and various recording devices. The 1.1-inch OLED touchscreen and precision dial provide easy control over volume, gain, brightness, and more.

Stability and Reliability in Every Recording

Stability is at the core of DJI Mic 2, offering consistently outstanding audio recordings. With 8GB of internal storage per transmitter and 32-bit float internal recording capability, creators can record for extended periods with adaptability to complex sound environments. The device boasts an impressive maximum audio transmission range of up to 250 meters and a 6-hour operating time, extendable to 18 hours with the charging case.


DJI Mic 2 is now available for order, offering content creators a revolutionized audio recording experience. With prices starting at $219, this innovative device comes in various configurations, catering to the diverse needs of creators. Elevate your audio recording game with DJI Mic 2 – where quality, style, and functionality meet seamlessly.

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