10 Best Mobile Apps For 2011

Are you a smartphone junkie? Do you spend hours going through the App Store or Android Marketplace? Apps can make your life a lot easier and give you a service that had to be performed on a computer just a couple of months ago. How would you like to post new messages to Facebook or search for the greatest company that caters magnificent deals with auto loans while you’re waiting for a flight? Does the thought of having access to thousands of songs send a shiver down your back? If so, you need these 10 apps!

1) Facebook V3

The social networking giant has expanded its platform into the mobile applications field by providing the Facebook app. This app allows users to upload pictures, chat, and add friends from their mobile phone. The best part is that version 3 has worked all of its kinks out. This app is offered for free on the iOS and Android platforms.

2) Runkeeper

Runkeeper is an app specifically designed with the runner in mind. The app was developed by Nike to allow users statistics of their runs. This is offered as a free app and gives users a play by play through the iPhone’s onboard GPS system. You can even upload your stats to your computer to share them with friends or see how many calories you burned.

3) Stanza

Stanza was designed with the bookworm in mind. Although Amazon’s Kindle has made its own impact, Stanza is cornering another market: the mobile reader. Whether you are heading to the gym or you have a five hour flight coming up, you can read your favorite author’s latest release on your phone without having to carry a Kindle with you.

4) Dropbox

There are tons of apps on the market that allow users to transfer content from their phone to their computers. So how is Dropbox different? Well, it’s free! Dropbox allows you to set your computer up as a cloud server. This means that you can easily transfer files from your computer while you’re out and about.

5) Skype

Skype has become the authority of video conferencing and can even be seen on nation television for interviews. Skype is now available for your mobile device. This allows you to do video conferencing while you are out on the town or if you are running low on minutes from your service provider. This app and setting up an account is free.

6) Twitter

Twitter is one of the biggest apps on the mobile application scene. This allows users to “Follow” all of their favorite celebrities, family, friends or organizations. This app was previously known as Tweetie, a client company that ran the mobile division for Twitter. Now, the parent company has taken over and turned it into a giant. Twitter is free from the App Store or the Android Marketplace.

7) Pandora

Pandora has been around for a while, but they have revamped the app with the newest version in 2011. This Internet radio app allows users to create their own custom playlists from their favorite artists. Have a late night study session coming up? Turn on Pandora and get down to business with some Bach.

8) Things

Are the type of person that likes to have all of their events, birthdays, business matters or appointments organized for the next month or so? Then you need Things. Things is an app that allows users to plan out their calendar with even notifications and upcoming dates.

9) eBay Mobile

eBay is the biggest auction site on the web. So why wouldn’t they try to take over the mobile market? eBay Mobile is an app that allows users to bid on or sell items while on the go. The app will also send you reminders of items you are watching or buying. You can even communication with buyers or seller through the app’s interface.

10) Google Maps

Google Maps is the best free GPS app for the iPhone and Android platform. Need to know what the closest mall or shopping center is? Queue up Google Maps and enter the name into the interface. Google Maps will find you what you are looking for and even give you directions. This app is free from the App Store or on the Android Marketplace.

No matter what you’re into, these 10 smartphone apps are designed to give you the best music, organization and access to information. The best part is that these apps are all offered for free. Get on your phone and start making your life easier. Download these apps today!

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