Your Ultimate Guide in Purchasing Extension Leads

Before purchasing one for yourself, think about which features are most essential to you and whether there are any safety concerns you should be aware of. There are also safety considerations when using them, so it’s important to read the packaging before use if you’re not sure what type of extension lead will work best for your needs. There must always be at least three wires within the extension cord- two that run from the plug to the appliance, and one which is an earth wire.

It’s important to ensure all three are present when looking at a particular extension lead because if they’re not, it can cause electric shocks or other hazards in your home.

What to Look for Before Purchasing an Extension Lead

Design and Durability

The design of an extension cord can make it easy to carry around and store. A flat, thick cable with long enough length for your needs is more difficult to tangle than a thin, coiled one that’s too short in comparison. You’ll also want a durable construction because if the lead gets damaged while you’re using it, there could be some serious safety hazards involved. Make sure that it has a comprehensive protection design.

Plug Configuration

Extension cords come in a variety of plug types, including flat plugs for use on tabletops. Because they are not embedded in the flooring, these sorts of plugs are ideal for use with tools such as drills. Check if it is appropriate for mobile phones, chargers, travel adapters, laptops, and so on.

Power Rating

Check the power rating of an extension cord before purchasing it. When shopping for your next extension lead, look for one that is rated at least as high as what you’ll need, if not higher, because the higher the wattage, the more powerful a tool may be utilized simultaneously. Because there are so many extension cables to choose from, seek for one that can withstand 13A to 3000W.

Surge Protection

There are also extension leads with built-in surge protection to prevent problems. Surge protectors can help keep your home appliances safe from any sudden surges or fluctuations which could lead to equipment damage or even a fire hazard if not taken care of correctly. Do some research and make sure that it has built-in overload protection and anti-surge protection, using 100% pure, durable copper wire, with better conductivity and heat dissipation.

Product Quality

Finally, search for extension leads consisting of high-quality components. We don’t want to invest in any that will quickly short out or get harmed. This is crucial since it protects both the items we have plugged into extension cords and the safety of your home.

It is preferable to verify that it has premium copper sockets that are one-piece, difficult to lose, and resistant to plugging and unplugging. If the plug has a significant torsion and does not deform easily, examine it again. Select extension leads with a built-in 13A fuse that adhere to the British BS1363 standard as much as possible.

Product Review

You must read the reviews before buying an extension lead. Never purchase extension leads without first checking customer feedback. Searching “extension lead reviews” on Google will provide recommendations. Through this process, you can also learn more details about the various models that are currently on the market, which can aid in your decision-making when it comes to buying one of these cables.

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