Tonor TC-777 USB Mic Review

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Owning a decent microphone is essential nowadays, whether you want to create a podcast, start a vlog, stream video games, participate in conference calls, or anything else that requires you to record audio that sounds professional. But trying to find a microphone that is good but not too expensive isn’t easy, especially when there are so many different models out there.

The good news is that there are some very good budget microphones out there. In fact one in particular is the subject of this review – the Tonor TC-777 USB Mic.

About the Tonor TC-777

The Tonor TC-777 is a mid-sized condenser microphone that has a relatively standard black grille. Its lower half consists of a blue-grey case that is slimmer at the bottom to fit into the mount.

Speaking of the mount, the Tonor TC-777 package includes a shock mount that is attached to a metal tripod stand. A pop filter that can be attached to the shock mount is included as well.

“What’s the Audio Quality Like?”

On the surface, the Tonor TC-777 may not look like anything too special, but its audio quality is top notch. Frankly it is difficult for any other budget microphone to match it.

In part the impressive sound quality is due to its cardioid pickup pattern that picks up audio coming from the front as opposed to the back. Because of this it will capture crisp and clear sound when you speak into the mic while excluding the majority of ambient noise.

Additionally, the shock mount that is in the package is effective at eliminating the effect of vibrations. The rubber-tips on the feet of the tripod stand help on that front too, and the included pop filter will reduce popping sounds from fast moving air.

All in all a combination of these factors allow the Tonor TC-777 to capture professional-quality audio.

“Why You Should Get It?”

There are a number of reasons why you should seriously consider getting the Tonor TC-777, and the main ones are:

  • Impressive quality for its price as few other budget microphones have similar build quality or are able to record the kind of audio that it does.
  • Easy set up that requires you to simply unfold the stand, place the microphone in it, attach the pop filter, then plug the USB cable into your PC.
  • Versatile design especially in terms of the shock mount that can be unscrewed and attached to any boom stand or mic arm that has a 5/8 inch threaded insert.

To sum it up, the Tonor TC-777 is definitely one of the best entry-level microphones out there – and it can even compare quite well against many mid-ranged mics.


If you’re looking for a microphone that is affordable and easy to use, yet can record good quality audio then the Tonor TC-777 will fit the bill perfectly. It is one of the best options if what you’re looking for is to start creating vlogs, stream video games, or participate in online meetings.

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