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Scenaria 64-slice CT Scanner from Hitachi

Scenaria 64-slice CT scanner
According to Hitachi, the first SCENARIA™ 64-slice CT scanner has been installed in North America. The new SCENARIA CT offers excellent image quality across a wide range of routine and…

Aperio ScanScope AT Slide Scanner

Scan Scope AT
Aperio launched the ScanScope AT digital slide scanning instruments. With just a 16-inch by 24-inch footprint, the ScanScope AT features a 400-slide capacity with sustained throughput of 30 slides per…

Visioneer Mobility Cordless Scanner

Visioneer Cordless Scanner
Visioneer Mobility is a cordless mobile scanner that functions without a computer, cables, or drivers and scans directly to an SD card or USB memory drive. I repeat, no computer…