[Solved] How to Save Vimeo Videos to Your Computer?

Vimeo attracts a considerable amount of users by keeping their site free from ads. More importantly, it offers a collection of high-quality films, videos, and animations. You may wonder how to save Vimeo videos to your computer at least one time so that you won’t worry about your favorite videos are deleted or cannot be watched anymore. To deal with it, using a downloader tool is the best solution. DVDFab Video Downloader can perfectly tell you how to save Vimeo videos to your computer.

Before putting this Vimeo video downloader into practice, you’d better know its features in advance to get a basic knowledge of it. Here are some noteworthy features prepared for you.

1. Download from 1000+websites

As a video downloader, this software offers more. Given that you may not just download videos from Vimeo, this Vimeo video downloader offers more than 1000 video-sharing websites, such as Break, Twitch, YouTube,and so much more. Looking for a YouTube to wav converter? DVDFab Video Downloader is here.

2. Turbo-Speed download

Downloading speed should also be considered. DVDFab Video Downloader is designed with a Turbo-speed button which means you can download online videos with a 10-times faster speed, greatly saving your time.

3. Download HD videos

What factors concern you most when it comes to online video downloading? Video quality is included for sure. This online video converter offers you variable resolutions, up to 4K, even 8K.

4. Metadata is downloadable

Apart from the above features, metadata shares the same importance if you want to know more about a video, such as the resolution, duration, author’s name or others.

Now that we have gone over the basic information, it is time to get more in-depth. Below are the operation steps of downloading Vimeo HD videos free. But you can visit non gamstop no deposit before reading it.

Step 1. Download and install DVDFab Video Downloader

The initial step is to download and install this free video downloader on your PC. Please visit its product page and click on “Free Download” once to initiate downloading and install it by following its instructions.

Step 2. Target a Vimeo video

It is time to target your desired Vimeo video. Launch this software and click the “Vimeo” icon. When you have entered into its website page, you can target a video.
Alternatively, you can browse the Vimeo website, target your video and copy its URL. Then, you go back to the DVDFab Video Downloader and paste the URL to its address bar.

Note: Before targeting you can customize this software by clicking the inverted triangle on the upper right-hand corner of the video downloader software to change its language, video directory, video quality, and others. As for video quality, we recommend “Ask me each time”.

Step 3. Play and download the video

Play your video as soon as you have located it. As a result, a “Download” button appears. Point your mouse cursor to it and choose the “Video” option to click. Then a new panel will pop up to offer video resolutions to choose from.

Note: Feel eager to check out the downloading process? You can click “Downloads” under “My Music” tab and then see the on-going downloading process under the “Downloading”.

In the end

DVDFab Video Downloader makes it possible and easy to download high-quality videos from Vimeo. It is the best solution to how to download Vimeo videos to computer. Under the help of it, infinite Vimeo videos are at hand. Try it and you will find out how good it is. Also, we have free YouTube to MP3 converter to help you convert YouTube videos to MP3.

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