Learn Basic SEO

6 Basic SEO You Should Know:

1. Optimize The Right Keyword
Use keyword research tools : www.goodkeyword.com and avoid targeting high competitive keyword

be more specific

2. Onpage Optimization
Put your target keyword on:

  • Page Title
  • Header tag
  • Bottom of Your Page
  • Every 2 paragraph
  • Alt image tags
  • Bolding, underlining, or italizing your target keyword everywhere on your page


  • If you targeting more than 1 keywords, combine your keywords in the page title
  • Google will index your brandnew website in 3 days if you get 1 link from webpage with Pagerank 5
  • Google will index your brandnew website in 24 hours if you get 1 link from webpage with Pagerank 7

3. Offpage Optimization

Offpage Optimization Image

Offpage optimization factors:

  • Total of A (websites linking to yours)
  • Page Rank of A
  • Page titile of A (related or not to your targeting keyword)
  • Anchor text in the link of A (it’s must be your targeting keyword)
  • The number and type of B (website that are linking to A)
  • Number of outbound link on A
  • Total mumber of links (outbound/inbounds) on A
  • Whether A are deemd by Google as an authorithy website (ranked high in the search engine, contains lots of content, and have hig Page Rank)
  • IP Adress of A ( Google gives priority to website that have links on differently IP Adresses)

4. Don’t Do These (except you’ll be baned by Google):

Onpage Ranking Factors

  • Hidden Text
  • Alt Image Spamming (repeated keywords)
  • Meta Tag Stuffing (repeated keywords)
  • Title tag Stuffing (repeated keywords)

Offpage Ranking factors
Link to bad neighborhood

  • Link farm
  • Penalized websites

5. How To Rank Well Your Inner Webpages
Do all onpage & offpage optimization Factors to your inner webpage (link it each other, use your targeting keyword at anchor text, paget title, etc.), it’s help to rank top for keywords that may not have a lot of competitor.

6. Page Rank Formula

Your Webpage’s PR = 0.15 + (0.85 * (PR of A / Total number of links on A))

Tips: remove all unnecessary links on a page to pass more Page Rank.

Refference: SEO Made Easy by Brad Callen

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