Quntis 30W Fast Charger Review

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Finding out that your smartphone or tablet is running out of juice at a critical moment can be nothing short of frustrating. But don’t you think it’d be more bearable if you could charge your device quickly?

Nowadays there are lots of smartphone and tablets out there that allow ‘fast charging’ or ‘quick charging’. However their performance can vary quite a bit, which is why you need to carefully choose one that is reliable and will deliver on its promises.

And assuming that’s what you’re after – this review of the Quntis Fast Charger is a good place to start.

“Why Choose the Quntis 30W Fast Charger?”

At first glance it may just look like a standard white iPhone or iPad charger, but the Quntis 30W Fast Charger has a lot more going for it than that. In fact it is hands down better than many other supposed ‘fast chargers’ out there – for several reasons:

  • Charge at up to full 30W speeds
    The Quntis 30W Fast Charger uses PD 3.0 to charge at up to a maximum of 30W. That means that you’ll save 30 minutes compared to the 20W iPhone charger, or up to 2 hours compared to normal stock chargers.
  • Compatible with most devices
    With the included USB-C to Lightning cable, you can use the Quntis 30W Fast Charger on practically any iPad or iPhone. On top of that if you want you could get a USB-C to USB-C cable to connect it to Android devices too.
  • Safe to use with MFi Certification
    The USB-C to Lightning cable that comes with this charger is MFi certified – meaning that it is approved by Apple and uses an original chip with a chip recognition function. In other words it is safe to use for charging as well as data transfers, and you won’t run the risk of damaging your device.
  • Portable and travel-friendly
    If you’re planning to travel or simply want a charger that is easy to carry around, the Quntis 30W Fast Charger is perfect for the job. Its slim design makes it easy to fit in a bag or even your pocket, and it meets the required charging voltage for most countries.

To sum it up, the Quntis 30W Fast Charger has impeccable performance, provides near-universal compatibility, is portable, and completely safe to use. Add to that the fact that Quntis provides 24-7 customer service and it is easy to see why you should choose it instead of the other chargers out there.


Whether you want to replace your current charger or simply wish to be able to charge your iPhone or iPad more quickly – the Quntis Fast Charger won’t disappoint. Among the fast chargers that are out there, few offer the same kind of performance at anywhere near the same price point.

More importantly because Quntis has developed a strong reputation for being reliable and safe – you won’t have to worry about any issues when you use a charger that is from their brand.

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