Portable Native USB 3.0 SSD from Renice

HDD is an abosolete device since the SSD was born to the world. I have not installed SSD into my custom PC yet, I still use the cheaper HDD instead. I found the adoption of SSD still rare in my neighborhood, but it will change sooner or later as SSD products start invading the market. Let’s see the new portable Native USB 3.0 SSD from Renice. Ranging from 32GB to 512GB, these SSDs offer a read/write speed up to 430MB/320MB/S.

Suitable for Macbook and Windows To Go, Renice Native USB 3.0 SSD allows Mac users run Win 8 without the trouble to install OS through the complex Boot Camp. Other highlights include: Renice’s self-developed U3127-IT controller; AES-256 bit support; power failure protection and write protection; and monitoring tool and military grade encryption tool.


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