Nex Playground: Transforming Living Rooms with Motion Games

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Nex, a leader in motion entertainment and augmented reality experiences, has announced the launch of preorders for Nex Playground. This innovative device aims to revolutionize family time in the living room by offering motion-based games for all ages. In addition to the new device, Nex has expanded its motion entertainment catalog to be compatible with camera-equipped TVs, providing families with even more platforms to enjoy active and immersive experiences.

Bringing Joyful Movement to Living Rooms

Nex Playground, a compact and playful device, features a wide-angle camera, high-definition graphics, and powerful performance. Utilizing AI-powered motion sensing technology, it captures players’ movements and transforms them into exciting gameplay experiences. With intuitive gestures, up to four players can join in simultaneously, making it ideal for family game nights, unstructured playtime, or social gatherings. Nex Playground offers limitless possibilities, turning living rooms into arcades, gyms, obstacle courses, or theme parks. The device comes with an extensive collection of over 30 games and experiences, with more collaborations with third-party developers in the works.

Privacy and Security

Privacy is a top priority for Nex Playground. The device includes an integrated camera privacy cover and LED indicator to ensure user privacy. Motion detection data is limited to the device itself, guaranteeing that no video is captured or stored and personal data remains secure. All processing is done locally on the device, eliminating the need for cloud-based data processing and enhancing privacy measures.

Collaborations for Innovation

Nex Playground’s industrial design was led by the female-owned San Francisco firm level Design. Their conscientious approach ensured that the device seamlessly integrates into the living room environment, appealing to families instantly. The device was engineered and manufactured in collaboration with Skyworth Digital, a global leader in multimedia and connected home entertainment devices. Skyworth Digital’s expertise and global network of distributors and retailers ensure the production and delivery of Nex Playground to a wide audience.

Preorders and Pricing

Preorders for Nex Playground are now open, with the first batch of units set to be released in time for the holiday season of 2023. Early bird pricing is available at $179, offering the comprehensive package that includes the hardware and three marquee game titles. After launch, customers can access an additional library of 20 games through a convenient subscription model called Play Pass. Play Pass offers a quarterly plan for $49 or an annual plan for $89, providing unlimited access to the game library, early access to games in development, and free shipping.

Expanding Reach

Nex is committed to reaching a wider audience by partnering with industry leaders. Recently, Nex became a featured launch partner for Sky Live, the exclusive interactive camera for Sky Glass in the UK. This collaboration with Sky, a Comcast subsidiary, signifies a long-term partnership with Nex bringing motion games to Sky Live. Nex is also actively developing motion games for Sony BRAVIA CAM enabled TVs and has incorporated Apple tvOS support into their Motion Developer Kit, enabling the development of motion games for Apple TV.


Nex continues to push the boundaries of motion entertainment, aiming to reignite people’s passion for physical movement. With Nex Playground and its motion entertainment catalog, families can transform their living rooms into interactive virtual playgrounds. The diverse range of games and experiences offered by Nex caters to various interests and preferences, ensuring that there is something enjoyable for everyone. Through collaborations and partnerships, Nex is committed to expanding its platform ecosystem and bringing the excitement of motion entertainment to a global audience.

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