Merging Big Data and Cloud Computing is the Future of Robotics

The emergence of cloud computing has transformed the robot technology. Cloud computing comes with new information, a firmware which is updated and a lot can be delivered in real-time. Leonardo da Vinci was the first person to create robot designs. Years later, the first robots were created. As years go by, the manner in which robots technology is evolving is remarkable. New technology has been created which for sure will expand the field of robotics even more. In this new technology, big data and cloud computing will play the biggest role in enhancing this field of robotics. With big data and artificial intelligence, robots will be created that will turn out to be an integral part in the human society. Big data can be a game changer in whatever projects you do. You just need experts like the Active Wizards specialists to help you with your big data science and engineering needs.

How big data and cloud computing are changing the field of robotics

While in the past robots were restricted by on board computations resources and some internal software applications, the use of cloud computing in designing robots is going to come with a number of benefits. The benefits include:

  1. Cloud comes with big data which will allow specialists to access libraries of images, maps and object data which is up to date.
  2. Cloud computing allows for access to parallel grid computing which is very important when it comes to statistical analysis, learning and even planning of motion.
  3. It allows for collective learning. Cloud allows for creation of robots and system sharing trajectories and control policies.
  4. Human computation. Now cloud sourcing can be used to tap human skills essential for analyzing videos and images, learning and even error recovery.

RoboCop is now becoming a reality

Cloud-based robots have been created which can be used by law enforcement agencies to combat crime and at the same time enhancing the safety of the public. The robots can manage to have an access to feeds from all the security cameras nearby. This means that they can identify areas where a criminal activity is taking place or even places where the public can be at risk. Defusing of bombs is no longer an activity which can be carried out by humans. Robots fitted with extensive knowledge on various bomb types have made it easier to disarm these bombs. Robots can also be excellent sharpshooters making the best suited for sniping tasks.

Robots are making a significant contribution to healthcare

Robots that are cloud based can have a massive impact in the healthcare field. They will be fitted with databases that allow them to connect to numerous disease causes making them easy to diagnose patients. Oscilloscopes with a very high key sight bandwidth have been designed to diagnose patients. Health care professionals find it difficult to make accurate diagnosis within a short time as most diseases have similar symptoms that have to be evaluated in order to come up with an accurate diagnosis. Robots can be able to handle this task within a short time as they can be able to process the symptoms faster. They will understand their patients better as they are able to connect to cloud-based sources and process all the symptoms the patients are showing.

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