Meet Cal Max: Your Family’s New Best Friend!

Skylight, renowned for its commitment to enhancing family connections through innovative home products, unveils its latest offering: the Calendar Max (Cal Max). This 27-inch smart family calendar is designed to bring harmony to the bustling lives of modern families, offering a solution to the chaos of daily schedules.

Simplifying Family Life with Cal Max

Cal Max addresses the needs of busy households by seamlessly syncing calendars and appointments. Its intuitive interface boasts chore charts, color coding, meal planning, and customizable to-do lists, all conveniently accessible on a high-resolution touchscreen display.

Features Designed with Families in Mind

Responding to customer feedback, Skylight has crafted Cal Max with several enhancements. An anti-glare display ensures optimal visibility, while interchangeable frames allow for seamless integration with any home decor. Its sleek, modern design, inspired by upscale interior aesthetics, includes rounded corners and a versatile mount for both landscape and portrait orientations.

Preorder Your Cal Max Today!

Skylight’s Calendar Max is available for presale, starting at $599 on the company’s website. Be among the first to experience the convenience and elegance of Cal Max, with shipments scheduled to begin this June.

A Testimonial from the Founder

Founder and CEO of Skylight, Michael Segal, shares his enthusiasm for Cal Max: “Our customers have hailed our Calendar as a ‘marriage saver,’ with over 10 million chores completed in 2023 alone. The Cal Max represents our dedication to refining our product based on real-time feedback. We believe it will set a new standard for how families stay organized amidst the chaos of modern life.”

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