Maintaining Personal Cyber Security is Everyone’s Responsibility

Cybersecurity attacks are no joke, and the cost of cyber threats isn’t a joke either. The latest Cybersecurity Ventures Report projects a sharp increase in the destruction of data, stolen money, fraud, embezzlement, the theft of intellectual property, and other cyber-related crimes. And the cost of those crimes is will hit $6 trillion by 2021. The former Deputy CIO at the White House and the current CSIO of Xerox, Dr. Alissa Johnson, thinks preventing cyber attacks is the responsibility of everyone using the Internet, not just a security team. Dr. Johnson knows the number of attacks, and the severity of the attacks threatens politicians, celebrities, big corporations and everyone who uses a computer.

President Donald Trump put an executive order in place that protects federal information technology networks and the country’s infrastructure system. But according to the National Infrastructure Advisory Council, Trump is not paying enough attention or asking for enough money to protect the cybersecurity of other critical systems. There is an open door in the country’s cybersecurity protection system, so citizens must take security matters into their own hands. And the best way to do that is to seek help from a company like Rubica.

Rubica has more than 10 years of experience protecting prominent private individuals with physical as well as personal cyber security. The company actively monitors personal data and possible identity threats from a U.S. operation center. Rubica knows what to look for because the company keeps track of personal behavioral patterns.

Putting a Rubica personal cyber security system in place is not a complicated process. All it takes is downloading the Rubica app. There’s no confusing manuals or hardware. And the Rubica app is available on all personal devices.

Once the Rubica app is in place, people have their own personal cyber security experts investigating suspicious behavior. The app keeps them safe anywhere in the world. The people who use the Rubica app can view their protection status, see the events investigated, ask questions, and access the activity on all their personal devices.

And the Rubica app can go from the on to the off position without company help. Cyber experts are on call 24/7 to answer questions. The personal cyber security experts on the team have previous experience with the NSA, Scotland Yard, and the U.S. Navy. The personal cyber security team provides useful answers and security recommendations.

The personal cyber security experts at Rubica use artificial intelligence tools to examine data in real time. When new threats and anomalies surface, the Rubica software makes adjustments and improves the network. The people using the Rubica app benefits from what Rubica learns during the adjustment process.

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