LOKLiK’s European Debut: Crafting Innovation at IFA 2023

LOKLiK, the innovative DIY brand, made its grand entrance into the European market at the Internationale Funkausstellung (IFA) 2023 in Berlin, Germany. This momentous event showcased LOKLiK’s commitment to revolutionizing the handicraft industry. With a focus on intelligent heat press machines and precision cutting tools, LOKLiK dazzled attendees with its cutting-edge products designed for craft enthusiasts. Let’s dive into the highlights of LOKLiK’s debut at IFA 2023.

A Global Stage for Innovation

IFA Berlin is renowned as the world’s premier consumer electronics and home appliance trade show, attracting over 2,000 exhibitors from 140 countries. The event also drew more than 180,000 professionals and 5,000 reporters, solidifying its status as a global stage for unveiling cutting-edge technology. Among the giants like Samsung, Honor, LG Electronics, and Haier, LOKLiK stood out as a rising star.

Smart Crafting Machines Steal the Spotlight

At IFA Berlin 2023, LOKLiK showcased a lineup of smart crafting machines that left attendees in awe. Among the stars of the show were the LOKLiK Crafter™, LOKLiK ImPress™ Auto, LOKLiK ImPress™ Easy, LOKLiK ImPress™ Mini, and LOKLiK ImPress™ Auto Tumbler. These machines embody LOKLiK’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of DIY creativity.

One visitor at the event expressed their amazement, saying, “I was terrifically stunned by the LOKLiK Crafter™. I cannot figure out how it can operate with such absolute quietness and cut the printed designs so precisely and efficiently.” This innovative approach to crafting machinery promises a seamless and enjoyable crafting experience.

Innovation Meets Convenience

LOKLiK‘s dedication to innovation is evident in its latest offerings. The LOKLiK ImPress™ Auto Tumbler, set to hit the market in September, effortlessly churned out delicate sublimation tumblers and mugs in a matter of minutes. Crafters can now create stunning designs without the hassle and time constraints of traditional methods.

Emma, LOKLiK‘s Sales Manager, emphasized the company’s commitment to convenience and safety: “Our product team is consistently striving to implement further research and develop more convenient machines for everyone to use. The LOKLiK ImPress™ Auto is designed to release crafters’ hands and minimize the possibilities of burning issues and hazards.”

A Vision for the Future

LOKLiK‘s presence at IFA 2023 marks the beginning of an exciting journey into the European market. Allen, the CMO of LOKLiK, shared the brand’s vision: “LOKLiK is an innovative but also ambitious craft brand committed to building up an open quaternity of materials, machines, digital content, and cultural IP, which gains great customer recognition and support.”

With its official website already live, LOKLiK aims to become a leading brand in the European market, bringing the beauty of DIY to a wider audience.


In conclusion, LOKLiK‘s debut at IFA 2023 in Berlin showcased its dedication to redefining the DIY crafting experience. With smart machines that combine innovation, precision, and convenience, LOKLiK is poised to make a significant impact on the European market. Craft enthusiasts can look forward to a future filled with endless creative possibilities, thanks to LOKLiK’s pioneering spirit.

For more information and to explore LOKLiK’s innovative products, visit their official website at https://www.loklik.com/.

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