Laptop or smartphone: Which would be harder to live without?


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In an age where phones can do a number of the same jobs as laptops, and laptops can in many ways emulate phones, which of the two would be harder to live without?

When thinking about smartphones and laptops, there is no doubt that smartphones are globally the more popular item of the two. In 2015 smartphone sales reached 1.4 billion units, while there were 288.7 million laptops sold in what appears to be a slowly shrinking market as tablet sales increase. The figures show that smartphones are a fundamental commodity, but they are owned by all age groups. Age should be a big consideration when thinking about which one would be harder to exist without. Given the target audience for this site, it is a good place to debate this question. So what can laptops do that smartphones can’t, and vice versa?

Let’s start with smartphones. They are useful, it can’t be denied. The top of the range phones on the market now have up to 32GB storage, which allows for hundreds of photos, videos, and apps. There are hundreds of addictive games and apps that are fun to play and great to pass the time, and the internet nowadays is just as accessible in this format as it is on a laptop screen. You can play all your favourite internet games and they will be modified to fit the smartphone screen. A hugely popular sector of online gaming is with casino sites, and now a lot of online casinos such as Vegas Casino have apps so that players can play their online casino games on the move.

Smartphones are also great for keeping organised. You can input all your jobs at the start of the week, and never forget anything as it will alert you when something comes up. Of course, along with all these handy things, they are unrivalled at serving their primary purpose which is to make calls and send messages. People these days feel as though they can’t live without their phone, but many forget that ten years ago they managed just fine. Surely being without the use of a laptop would be much more devastating.


Laptops can do so many things that phones can’t. And the things that laptops do are what make businesses thrive. All successful companies are online, and the maintenance of the websites, business deals, and sales, all need to be done from laptops. Although phones do allow you to send emails, typing on a laptop keyboard is a lot faster and easier. The same can be said for typing up and printing important documents. Fans of gaming can play games on a laptop with high quality graphics, along with all the addictive app style and casino games.  And there is also the option to make calls and send messages from a laptop. It’s not as handy as a smartphone for that purpose, but it can do it.

Smartphones are easy to carry around and they can be used to make life easier, but laptops surely are essential, and would be tough to live without.

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