Josh Bergman: A1 & Parro’s Karting Simulator Ambassador

A1 Simulation and Parro Info Developpement are making waves in the world of immersive racing simulators. They are thrilled to introduce their first-ever brand ambassador for their Karting Simulator product range, and it’s none other than the talented Josh Bergman. In this article, we’ll delve into Josh’s impressive career and how he’s set to revolutionize the world of karting simulators.

The Rising Star: Josh Bergman

At just 8 years old, Josh Bergman has already taken the karting world by storm. As the Micro Swift Factory Driver for Sodi Racing USA, he’s been making headlines with his remarkable achievements. Bergman’s success story began with Sodi’s innovative Furia chassis, which catapulted him to victory and multiple podium finishes in the SKUSA ProTour. In fact, his stellar performance secured him the third spot in the 2023 Pro Tour Championship.

But his victories don’t stop there. Bergman has consistently outshone his competitors in Miami, where he currently leads the 2023 championship. His talent has also shone brightly at the Trackhouse MotorPlex in North Carolina, where he clinched multiple race wins. With such a promising start to his racing career, the sky’s the limit for this young prodigy.

Mentorship from Racing Legends

Josh Bergman is not on this journey alone. He’s had the privilege of being mentored by racing luminaries like Tom Blomqvist and Nelson Piquet Jr. Based in Miami, FL, he drives for the Piquet Sports Team, benefiting from a coaching staff comprised of highly experienced talent. Among his mentors is Thierry Germanovitch, a legendary figure in the automotive world who played a pivotal role in the careers of Charles Leclerc, Pierre Gasly, Esteban Ocon, and many others, particularly during their time with Sodikart. Germanovitch’s belief in Josh’s potential marks him as part of the next generation of drivers destined for motorsport greatness.

A1 Simulation and Parro Info Developpement’s Vision

For A1 Simulation and Parro Info Developpement, selecting Josh Bergman as their brand ambassador signifies a crucial step in their global growth strategy. As Matthieu Berger, the President of A1 Simulation, puts it, “Establishing a footprint and the A1/Parro brand in the global karting landscape is a critical part of our global growth strategy.” With Josh’s energy, enthusiasm, skill, and unwavering focus, they have found the ideal partner to showcase the capabilities of their lifelike sim products.


In Josh Bergman, A1 Simulation and Parro Info Developpement have found the perfect embodiment of their commitment to excellence in karting simulators. As this young racing sensation continues to conquer real-world tracks, he’ll also be blazing a trail in the virtual racing world, thanks to the immersive experiences offered by A1 Simulation and Parro Info Developpement. Keep an eye on this dynamic partnership as they redefine the boundaries of karting simulation technology.

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