Is Online Slots Rising in Popularity in the UK?

For a while now there has been a new kid on the gambling block in the UK: online slots. There is certainly no denying that high variance slots in the UK(and the rest of the world) have grown exponentially in popularity, thanks to new technology.

The online gambling industry has been through many changes over the years. Online gambling only first became available in the UK in 1996 and since then it just seems to have grown in great leaps and bounds. This is mostly because new gaming products have hit the market, young and old have tried their hand at a variety of online gambling options, and the industry has generated sums of money that are almost unfathomable. It is certainly not an industry that is in any sort of financial trouble!

Online slots in the UK has attracted new players from a range of generations and instead of just being a form of gambling to potentially win money, it has become a form of world-class entertainment for many Brits.

What is the Online Slots Market Worth in the UK? How Has it Grown?

According to an in depth survey carried out by the UK Gambling Commission, between April 2018 and March 2019, the total gross gambling yield in the UK in the online slots category rose nearly 6%,from 2017-2018. During this time, the online slots sector generated a total of £2.1 billion pounds. This climb of just under 6% tells us all we need to know about online slots in the UK: its popularity is definitely rising! The growth is somewhat astounding actually when you consider than in 2016 online slots in the UK generated £1.8 billion all on its own. Since 2007, there has been over 300% increase in the levels of activity that online slots generate within the gambling industry.

In another document released by the UK Gambling Commission, the following statement is also made: “One key characteristic that non-remote and online bingo share is the importance of slots revenue. In land-based bingo, 46% of the sector’s GGY comes from gaming machines although only 18% of bingo players play on machines; in online bingo we estimate that 75% of GGY derived by an operator’s bingo product/vertical is in fact from slots, often played as side-games. There are wide differences between individual operators with some being overwhelmingly bingo based whilst others use bingo as a loss leader to bring consumers to their slots and casino products”. This was from the UK Gambling Commissions reviews of online gambling in March 2018 and indicates just how important online slots in the UK have become to the gambling sector as a whole.

Do Demographics Play a Role in Popularity?

Some might wonder why online slots is growing increasingly popular in recent times and that is got a lot to do with the nature of online gambling and the current demographics. The younger crowd seems to be embracing mobile, fun, carefree gambling forms such as online slots, whereas the older crowd seems to be paying more attention to the likes of online poker. This does not mean that slots are not for the younger crowd though. Surveys conclude that the average female between the ages of 55 and 60 years old, with a college education, is the typical online slots player.

Why Online Slots Are Becoming So Popular

There are many reasons why people opt to play online slots over other types of games. Below are a few of the reasons why the popularity of slots keeps increasing:

  • Slots are easy to play.
  • There is a plethora of slots games to choose from.
  • High various slots in the UK mean possible big easy wins (everyone desires winning).
  • Online slots are always available unlike in land casinos where all the slot machines could be occupied.
  • Online slot casinos offer a lot of rewards and incentives.
  • Playing online slots means you have access to flexible stakes – you can wager what you can afford.
  • Online slots have a pay-out percentage of 92 to 97%.
  • Many online casinos host exciting slots tournaments (fun!).

The Popularity of Online Slots is on the Rise in the United Kingdom – Join the Revolution

As the online gambling world morphs and changes from one year to the next, online slots seem to have remained sturdy in its footing. If anything, it is merely growing more popular and generating more income each and every year. If you are looking for a gambling sector to experiment with (if you want to try something new), go where the money indicates popularity and try your hand at online slots!

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