iPhone Safe Someone’s Life?

iPhone safe his life

Remember the iPod armor story? an iPod that safe soldier’s life in iRaq? The soldier, Kevin Garrad, stated that he was happy the armor worked. And now the same story repeated again, but it was happen in USA instead of iRaq.

Ok lets start the story, someone`s life saved by the successor of iPod called iPhone less than 24 hours after he got it. Until now the exact story has not been unveiled as the victim still in Apple store to get another new iPhone (luckily Apple replace the broken iPhone with no charge). Until then there are some rumors that the lucky guy didn’t even know he had been shot until he put on his earbuds to listen to some tunes.

There were not a fire-fight, it seem the guy has been shot by advanced shooter from a mile away (just like shooter movie). Ok guys that’s enough, i got a message to drive you out to this link for the official and truth story.

iPhone safe his life

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