Introducing FinderOne136: High-Speed LCD 3D Printing

Coolsiga, a frontrunner in the realm of 3D printing technology, is taking innovation to new heights with the launch of their latest creation, the FinderOne136. This groundbreaking high-speed LCD 3D printer is poised to redefine the landscape of additive manufacturing. Renowned for consistently pushing the boundaries of technological advancement, Coolsiga once again delivers a printer that seamlessly merges unprecedented speed, unparalleled precision, and unmatched convenience.

Unleashing Unrivaled Performance

At the heart of the FinderOne136 lies a cutting-edge technology configuration that propels its performance ahead of the competition. The printer is equipped with a formidable 15000uw/cm2 COB light source in conjunction with a potent 57 closed-loop motor, culminating in an astonishing print speed of up to 120mm/h. This incredible speed surpasses traditional consumer-level LCD printers by over four times, granting creators the power to bring their concepts to life at an unprecedented velocity.

Precision Redefined

The FinderOne136 sets an industry benchmark for precision. Anchored by a 13.6-inch Mono LCD boasting a striking 6480×3600 resolution, every model produced showcases remarkable detail and clarity. With an XY resolution of 46um, even the most intricate designs materialize with impeccable accuracy. Prepare to be spellbound by the exceptional print quality achieved by the FinderOne136.

Expansive Creativity Unleashed

Bid farewell to creative constraints with the FinderOne136‘s capacious build volume of 298x165x300mm. Whether you’re immersed in crafting large-scale prototypes or intricate models, this printer delivers unparalleled freedom to manifest your creative vision. The FinderOne136 empowers creators, designers, and innovators to give life to their boldest ideas in ways that were previously beyond reach.

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Seamless Integration of Form and Function

Aesthetic design meets efficiency with the FinderOne136‘s sleek and compact control box. Housing all essential components including the motherboard, power supply, touchscreen interface, and Wi-Fi module, this central unit guarantees ease of access and a streamlined workflow. Convenience converges with efficiency in the FinderOne136.

Durability That Endures

Worried about screen longevity during prolonged printing sessions? Rest assured. The FinderOne136 arrives with a durable screen protector boasting an impressive lifespan of 8500+ hours. With over three times the operational hours of any consumer-level LCD printer on the market, uninterrupted printing sessions and peace of mind are unequivocally assured.

“We are thrilled to present the FinderOne136, a game-changing 3D printer that transcends the boundaries of speed, precision, and convenience,” exclaimed Jacky Lin, the visionary founder of Coolsiga. “Our aim with this printer is to empower creators worldwide, enabling them to materialize their ideas faster and with unparalleled quality.”

The Coolsiga FinderOne136 is now open for pre-orders on Kickstarter. For a comprehensive understanding of the printer’s capabilities and features, visit the Kickstarter campaign page:

In conclusion, the FinderOne136 marks a pivotal moment in 3D printing history, redefining the parameters of what’s possible in terms of speed, precision, and user experience. Coolsiga’s unwavering commitment to innovation has yielded a game-changing device that promises to reshape the landscape of additive manufacturing. Don’t miss the chance to be part of this technological leap forward—pre-order your FinderOne136 today.

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