How to Pick the Right Laptop for the Business Person on the Go

Are you looking to buy a laptop that will fit a busy and travel-filled schedule? Do you want to find the best laptop for airplane travel?

A study found that 37% of US jobs can be remote or done from home. Yet, jobs in transportation, sales, and installation and repair can’t rely on remote work. Your job may be a type of work that can’t only get done in a remote office.

We’ve got a list of ways to pick the best laptop for travel and work below. We want to make your laptop shopping experience easier and faster. Keep reading to learn how to pick the right laptop for travel and work.

Reasons to Need a Travel Laptop

Before we begin, let’s talk about the many cool reasons you may want to bring your laptop to your trips. First, what is a laptop if not a mobile computer? It’s a great tool to get some work done while you’re on a long trip or waiting for the next flight.

Because they are mobile, you can bring them anywhere with you. Whether you’re planning a quick business trip or a local convention, a laptop is your best friend. You can have all your files in it and ready for your panel presentation.

Laptops also make great entertainment tools whenever you need them. It’s the perfect thing to use when your flight gets moved back three hours because of the weather. Use it when you’re in the hotel and don’t want to risk contracting sicknesses by going out to curb your boredom.

There are many other reasons to use a laptop for work that involves traveling. With that said, let’s get on with the things you need to consider when picking a laptop for travel and work.

Find a Lightweight Laptop

A perfect laptop for travel is lightweight. If you have experience with traveling for work or pleasure, you know it’s hard to carry heavy bags. You’ll get exhausted faster, and this can affect your productivity.

When you’re picking a laptop for work, make sure it has the right weight. Also, don’t assume that the size of a laptop is equal to its weight. A lot of laptops have identical dimensions but have different weights.

If you’ll be traveling a lot, make sure that the laptop you buy is lightweight. A lighter device will be more comfortable on your shoulders when you carry it around. Also, it won’t stop the blood circulation on your legs when you’re working on it while on a long flight.

What Are You Doing With the Laptop?

Are you going to do large or heavy projects with the device, like photo- or video editing? Will you be doing something less resource-intensive, like writing or editing articles? Pick a laptop with consideration to the type of work you’ll do on it.

Most travel laptops contain the essentials of doing basic work-related tasks. This includes writing documents, spreadsheets, and browsing. If your job includes video editing, high-end multitasking operations, or designing, pick a more powerful computer.

The specifications and features of the laptop of your choice also fall under here. Do you need an HD screen for your video or photo editing work? Do you need to bring other tools with you, like a drawing tablet or a recording mic?

Check the Price

Let’s proceed right to one of the most important factors to consider when shopping for a laptop. What is your budget for your work laptop? Also, consider the price range of the laptop that you need.

As mentioned above, there are different types of laptops on the market. More powerful computers will cost more. Models that contain only the essentials will be easier on the wallet.
Consider what you’ll do on it when you pick the best laptop for work, travel, or presentations. Don’t get the most affordable option if you need a laptop that can handle heavy programs. You can still save money on laptops while picking one that matches your needs.

The trick is to look first at the specifications of the laptop you need. Next, find the price range of that laptop. From here, you’ll discover which is the most affordable and which is at the higher end of the price range.

Pick an Operating System You Like

Another consideration is the operating system. Most laptops on the market run on a Windows or Apple OS. You can also find laptops or Chromebooks that run on Chrome OS, Google Chrome’s operating systems.

A Mac is the best laptop for traveling professional workers who need a high-end computer. Mac computers have well-designed and intuitive interfaces. The Apple brand is also famous for its high-end and quality products, including Macs.

If you want something more affordable, look for laptops that use a Windows or Chrome OS. Windows 10 is the latest operating system released by Microsoft. Also, because it’s so familiar and easy to use, you’ll never go wrong with it.

Windows 10 even has the Cortana feature, a virtual assistant to help you with all sorts of tasks. If you want an alternative OS, go for Chrome books. Chromebooks are fitting for entrepreneurs who often work with the cloud.

How Is It’s Battery Life?

The next time you visit a country that’s opening its doors, you want to have all the power you need.

One of the worst things that can happen to you while you’re on the road is to lose power. You also want to have enough power to last you till your hotel room or place of accommodations. Even on short trips, you don’t want your laptop battery to drain too fast.

Again, this goes back to how you’ll use the laptop. Will you be using resource-heavy programs? If so, then you’re likely to drain the battery of your laptop faster.

If that’s the case, pick a laptop that offers a long battery life. If you want to be sure, look through review sites to see how long a variety of laptop models lasted for them.

The Keyboard Matters Too

Before the pandemic, 3.4% of the US population already had remote work. Travel bloggers are some of them. They also have the perfect jobs, especially for adventurous and curious souls.

If you want the best laptop for travel and work, then you need to make sure that you get a laptop with a good keyboard. It needs to have enough space to operate as a regular laptop. If you’re also used to working on a desktop, you’d want a laptop that has a keyboard with the same format as your PC.

If you fail to pick a laptop with a functional keyboard, then you may end up bringing a USB keyboard to your trips. This defeats the purpose of picking a small and lightweight laptop. An extra keyboard device can only bulk up your bags and break from constant travel.

The Best Laptop for Travel and Work Is Durable

Traveling back and forth from place to place or often can cause your laptop to age fast. If you often have to go through rocky roads or a warm climate, your laptop can get travel-related damages.

The best laptop for travel has good build quality and can handle a lot of traveling. You want a laptop that has suspension fortifications. Look for metal presentation pivots, stun mounted hard drives and, spill-free consoles.

You also want a laptop that can survive different weather types. When you travel, you can’t always avoid rain, humidity, and heat. The next best thing you can do is to invest in a high-quality laptop bag that can protect it from the elements.

Check the Laptop’s Storage Capacity

Do you often find yourself in places where it’s difficult to connect to the internet? Are you a travel blogger who takes a lot of photos of the places you visit? If you want to save all the photos or videos you take during a trip, you need to make sure your laptop has the memory for it.

There is nothing worse than having to compromise with the full storage capacity of a laptop during your travels. At times when you can’t go online to access a cloud, your only choice is to save on a local disk. If you buy a laptop that doesn’t have enough memory, say goodbye to some of your less important files.
If you want to avoid this scenario, look at the specs for a laptop’s storage capacity. Some laptops offer up to 1TB or 2TB of storage space. For example, Lenovo Yoga 910 Business is a hybrid laptop with 1TB SSD space.

Get the Best Laptop For Traveling Today

It’s impossible to imagine a life without the invention of laptops. However, not all laptops are the same. Some suit the home or office more while others function well as travel companions.
If you want to learn about finding the best work laptop for travel and work, check out our other guides now. We’ll detail the best laptops and their specs for you to make an informed decision!

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