Great Apps to Instantly Find Song Lyrics for Any Song

Song Lyrics Apps

You might be on the lookout for a new song to hum to in the shower or want to spend time at a karaoke bar with your friends. Either way, gaining access to song lyrics in such situations can be very helpful. I’ve noticed that there are apps that can help you do just that and as I was exploring options, I came across this list which I found to be very useful.

Best 10 Apps for Song Lyrics

Apps work great if you should the right one that’s fit for purpose. Let’s take a look so it would give you an idea of all the different types of song lyric apps available.

Prepare for a Karaoke night at home

If you have a scrolling lyrics app that highlights words on-screen, it can work great if you’re looking for a tool that lets you organize a karaoke night at home. To get a fuller experience, there are certain apps that will not only give you access to all the lyrics but will also help you choose music tracks that suit your requirements. These music tracks usually do not have vocals and is, therefore, a perfect choice for a fun-filled karaoke night. You can sing along with your friends all night long.

If you feel the need to share these fun experiences with others on social media, you could look for song lyrics apps that have the record feature. These are designed to help you make your own music videos which can also encourage you to get creative. Someday, your video might go viral and you could be a rockstar!

Get to know the meaning of song lyrics

Some songs have a hidden message that the artist tries to let out through poetry. Analyzing these lyrics and learning more about what they mean can be interesting. Certain lyrics app such as Genius Lyrics helps you do just that. It gives you a glimpse of the meaning of certain verses used in a song and they are generally crowdsourced which eliminates any biasedness. Understanding these lyrics can help you have a better comprehension of the song overall and give you a better picture of what the author is trying to convey.

Sometimes, you might even be interested in learning about some fun facts about certain tracks and the reason behind the release. For instance, Genius lets you explore these tracks and give an understanding on how these lyrics relate to an artist’s personal life. It also has its own charts that lists the most popular tracks trending at any given time.

Look for Music Lyric Community that you could join

Listening to a specific type of music can sometimes be a shared experience. You could look for a community app that is equivalent to a social network that is specific to music-lovers. Depending on the genre, you could choose to be a part of the community that helps you connect with like-minded music enthusiasts. It’s also a great opportunity for you to look for singing partners at a karaoke bar or even share the videos that you have recorded.

Sometimes, these communities can also help you learn and get a deeper understanding of lyrics and good music. You are very likely to meet those who would challenge your ideas and also provide constructive feedback on the videos that you have shared. These will, in turn, help you become better at creating good videos in the future.


Finding a song text doesn’t have to be hard anymore as there are many apps that can help you during this process. Simply look for one that suits your personal requirements and you should be good to go! Don’t forget, it’s all about enjoying the experience.

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