GoPro Rides the Wave: Exclusive POV at Vans Pipe Masters

GoPro named official camera of iconic Vans Pipe Masters surf contest

In an exciting development for surf enthusiasts and adrenaline junkies alike, GoPro has proudly unveiled its latest partnership with Vans, earning the prestigious title of the official camera for the iconic Vans Pipe Masters surf contest. This collaboration promises to deliver not just footage but an immersive experience, placing viewers right at the heart of the action in the world’s most watched surf event.

Surf’s Up: GoPro’s Point of View Takes Center Stage

GoPro has long been at the forefront of capturing breathtaking moments from unique perspectives, and now, they’re set to redefine how we experience the thrill of surfing. As the official camera of the Vans Pipe Masters, GoPro aims to provide viewers with the surfers’ point of view, immersing them in the world of tube riding and intense competition.

Scott Sisamis, Director of Brand Marketing Surf at Vans, expressed the excitement surrounding this collaboration, stating, “GoPro is a leader in bringing a unique perspective—the surfers’ point of view—to the viewer. We’re excited to partner with an innovative company like GoPro to provide an elevated viewer experience from the competitors’ point of view at the Vans Pipe Masters.”

Epic Lineup: The Who’s Who of Surfing

The Vans Pipe Masters is not just any surf contest; it’s a global phenomenon that attracts the best tube riders from around the world. In 2022, the event garnered an impressive 700K live viewers and over 14M views of event content. This year, the competition window has opened, and until December 20, 40 men and 20 women will vie for the coveted Vans Pipe Master title.

Among the contenders are some of the brightest stars from the GoPro Surf team, including Mason and Coco Ho, Jamie O’Brien, and the formidable Nathan Florence, recognized as the Big Wave Challenge’s Surfer of the Year and Rider of the Year.

Behind the Lens: GoPro’s Perspective

Rick Loughery, Vice President of Global Marketing and Communications at GoPro, shared his enthusiasm about the partnership, stating, “We’re stoked to partner with Vans and to give viewers a taste of what it’s like to compete in heavy surf at one of the world’s most legendary waves.” This collaboration is more than a sponsorship; it’s an invitation to witness the intensity and skill required to conquer the waves at this legendary event.

Catch the Wave: Where and When to Watch

For those eager to catch the action live, GoPro will be streaming the competition finals on its YouTube Channel. Additional information about the Vans Pipe Masters and details on how to tune in daily can be found at

In conclusion, GoPro’s role as the official camera of the Vans Pipe Masters promises a thrilling spectacle for surfing enthusiasts and curious viewers alike. With the world’s top tube riders showcasing their skills, and GoPro’s innovative perspective, this partnership is set to make waves in the world of surf content. Stay tuned for a front-row seat to the action, brought to you by the lens of GoPro at the Vans Pipe Masters.

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