Running on Windows Mobile 6.1, the new GETAC PS535F is designed for any field-based engineers who need to capture field data on-site and transmit that data back to headquarters in real-time. The PS535F features comprehensive wireless connectivity options, including integrated Bluetooth V2.0 and 802.11b/g WiFi. Users can connect the PS535F to a GIS server and instantly transmit or process data in the field using a GETAC Bluetooth modem or mobile phone. This Rugged GPS/PDA also features 3.5” VGA touch screen display with sunlight readable technology, a built-in 3 megapixel auto-focus camera, altimeter and E-compass that make it a complete device for surveyors.


“Our customers typically work in high-intensity environments and situations, which demand seamless and accurate information exchange between the main office and field workers,” said Jim Rimay, president, GETAC. “The PS535F is the ideal solution for any field application that requires immediate response and action such as fire and rescue teams, utilities technicians, and Park Rangers. A great example is forest patrols reporting the location and fire hazard conditions to a fire center to assist fire rescue planning. Ultimately, GETAC’s PS535F handheld device improves overall operational efficiencies and productivity, which for firefighters can be a lifesaving feature.”


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