Doublepoint’s Wristband Revolution: Next-Gen Gesture Control


At SLUSH 2023, Doublepoint Technologies, a Finnish startup, made waves with the grand unveiling of their groundbreaking innovation – the world’s most advanced wristband controller. This cutting-edge device, equipped with continuous touch-based gesture tracking, is set to redefine human-computer interaction, unlocking unprecedented possibilities for augmented and virtual reality, wearables, and the Internet of Things.

1. Breaking Barriers in Gesture Tracking

The CEO of Doublepoint Technologies, Ohto Pentikäinen, and Vice President of Product, Thomas Joseph, showcased the wristband controller on the main stage. Meticulously designed to maximize the potential of wrist-based user control, the device boasts a revolutionary AI-based algorithm seamlessly combining touch and gesture. Pentikäinen expressed excitement about elevating human-computer interaction by providing a natural and powerful user experience.

2. Setting a New Standard

The Doublepoint algorithm is not just a leap forward; it sets a new standard for precision and accuracy in continuous gesture tracking. Remarkably, achieving this level of performance requires only a single IMU and heartrate sensor, eliminating the need for clunky additional hardware or a camera. This adaptable algorithm will be readily available to developers through a new hardware reference design, signaling a transformative era in continuous gesture tracking.

3. How Doublepoint’s Algorithm Works

The touch-detecting algorithm operates by capturing impulses created when the user’s fingers interact with each other or an object. These impulses propagate through the hand, creating subtle vibrations detected by a sensor on the wristband. The algorithm then processes these measurements, providing highly precise continuous touch-based interaction and enabling wrist-based devices to detect and interpret continuous movements.

4. Revolutionizing Wrist-Gesture Controls

Thomas Joseph emphasized the significance of making the algorithm widely accessible. By offering seamless integration into any wrist-worn wearable, developers and product manufacturers can bring highly precise and continuous touch-based interaction to end-users. This move truly revolutionizes wrist-gesture controls, eliminating the need for clunky hardware and paving the way for a ‘universal controller’ activated with a simple gesture.


Doublepoint Technologies aims to usher in a new era of human-computer interaction with its advanced wristband controller and touch-based gesture tracking algorithm. The pre-orders for the Doublepoint Kit open on Jan. 7 at Unveiled Las Vegas, where attendees can experience firsthand the future of continuous gesture tracking at the company’s booth in Eureka Park, Venetian Expo, Hall G, from Jan. 9-12. Brace yourself for a revolution in the way we interact with technology – Doublepoint Technologies is leading the way.

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