DLab: All-Purpose Ultralight 4K Monitor

The DLab monitor is one of the latest additions to the portable monitor market. It’s praised for its 4K resolution, ultra-lightweight design, and ease of use. Whether you’re a remote worker, graphic designer, gamer, or programmer, you may want to learn more about this powerful device.

Here we’ll share all you need to know about the ultralight portable 4K monitor.

What Makes DLab a Good Portable Monitor?

Desklab, or DLab, is a monitor designed with minimalism in mind. Everything you need from a streaming device is packed into a 15.6-inch panel – 4K resolution, sound, and connectivity. By connectivity, we mean USB-C, micro-USB, and HDMI ports, and a 3.5mm audio jack that make any device a power station.

The monitor is compatible with all major operating systems as well as gaming devices such as Xbox, Play Station, Nintendo, and more.

The Ultra HD 4K resolution, along with LED backlighting, offers an unparalleled gaming and viewing experience. The IPS monitor with a 1.67 million color range and a 1200:1 contrast ratio explains why DLab is arguably the top portable monitor out there.

Thanks to its 178° viewing angle, users can interact with the monitor from any side and still have unspoiled gaming and working time.

Equally impressive is the advanced monitor. Ergonomically designed into a 15-inch panel weighing 1.5 pounds and measuring only 0.14 inches in width, this monitor is perfect for people who need to use the device on the go. Any train station, library, or room can be transformed into a working station instantly.

The device comes with pre-built dual Hi-Fi speakers with immersive stereo sound. Hence, there’s no need for additional speaker sets when playing your favorite game or streaming TV shows.

Finally, Desklab can also act as a portable charger. It charges mobile phones as soon as they’re plugged into the monitor, making this device even more convenient for modern-day travelers and forgetful folks prone to leaving their chargers at home.

How to Set Up the DLab Monitor?

The best thing about DLab is that it requires no setup. The device is powered with Plug and Play technology that allows it to stream content as soon as it’s plugged into another device. All you need to do to stream the content from your smartphone, laptop, or Xbox is to connect the device of choice to the DLab using a cable.

Who Is DLab Monitor’s Ideal User?

Graphic designers, gamers, programmers, architects, and remote workers can primarily benefit from the DLab monitor. The ultra-responsive touch screen, 20ms response time, and 4K resolution ensure intensive tasks are completed promptly and with utmost precision.

However, anyone looking for an alternative to dual monitor setups or wanting to increase work productivity can benefit from this top portable monitor. Its low blue and low flicker filters make everyday internet browsing, online shopping, or book reading less of a strain on the eyes.

Desklab – Portable Monitor That Has It All

Desklab is worth considering for many reasons. It’s packed with the most advanced tech specifications including 4K, it’s ultralight, portable, and can stream visual content from just about any device. Best of all, it’s a multi-purpose device that works great for individual or dual-monitor use for gamers, graphic designers, architects, programmers, and regular everyday users.

If you’re interested in Desklab, you can learn more by visiting dlmonitor.com.

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