bioserie’s New Printed iPhone 4 Covers, Helloooo Fashionistas!

new bioserie iPhone 4 printed cases

bioserie has something new for iPhone lovers and fashionistas, the new line of printed iPhone 4 covers with 14 unique designs under 4 collections: blueprint, bloom, backpack and bold. Utilizing the company’s “made of plants” materials, the artworks are printed directly to the covers, thanks to the SDE printing technology.

new bioserie iPhone 4 printed cases

The printed bioserie iPhone 4 covers also feature: Durable, high resolution prints with vivid colors; Excellent print customization capability, down to a single cover Lightweight protection—only 12 grams (0.4 ounces) – with sturdy bioplastic body; Patent-pending screen protection feet allowing safe facedown placement.

new bioserie iPhone 4 printed cases

Designed to be as fashion-forward as they are eco-friendly, the new bioserie covers are available for purchass for $34.95. Do you know the wooden iPhone 3G case, I think it’s more natural. Ok, nothing more to say.


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