Best PC Software for Your Windows Computer

If you are using a Windows computer, you definitely need the best PC software. The software should not, in any way, bog down your computer. At the same time, it should be able to do what it says it does. You need software that will live up to its promises and gets the job done. We share the software which we really think is great in this article. Remember, most of it is free and can be downloaded anytime.


Unchecky Best PC Software You should be aware that some installers will pack adware and bloatware that is pre-selected to install. For this reason, you must get this software. It will help you catch the checkboxes that will have you downloading, as well as installing all those bundled, unnecessary apps.

Antivirus, Malware, and Firewalls

Best PC Software Anti Virus Before you install any other software onto your PC, we suggest that you install antivirus software. This will protect your computer from externalattacks. We, also, strongly suggest that you install only one antivirus at a time. This is because you may end up causing issues on your computer if you install many antiviruses at the same time.

Audio Player

Best PC Software Audio Player You should have an advanced cross-platform audio player. The one that you download must be able to let you customise your user interface. Not only that, it should be able to rip audio CDs, support gapless playback, make sounds for sports wagers, as well as transcode supported audio formats. Lastly, it should be able to get customised using keyboard shortcuts. A great example is MediaMonkey.


MediaMonkey Best PC Software This program will allow you to organise a large media collection. The software is able to manage audio files, as well as video files. You can also create playlists and the program will automatically add missing track information.

Backup Tools

Backup Tools Best PC Software You should download a great backup tool for your PC. A very good example is Macrium Reflect Free.As we’ve seen with most of the best sports betting us providers, they protect their PCs with similar backup tools.

Macrium Reflect Free

Best PC Software Macrium Reflect Free This tool will allow you to save your files to a local or network-based storage media. You will be able to use backup templates in order to set up schedules backups without you missing the key files.

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