Best NFL Future Betting Markets

If you are someone that regularly bets on the NFL then you probably already know how to find Super Bowl odds at your favorite sportsbook. This is obviously one of the biggest futures betting markets when it comes to the NFL, but there are some other great opportunities as well.

NFL betting continues to dominate the entire U.S. sports betting industry and bettors can’t wait until the season starts to get their bets in. Future betting odds change throughout the regular season and most of the markets are open until the final game of the regular season.

If you have been stuck just betting on the eventual Super Bowl champion then you need to take a look at some other top future betting markets. Here are five of the best NFL future betting markets other than the Super Bowl.

Division/Conference Titles

If you are still looking to place a bet on team accomplishments then your best bet is to go with the division and conference title winners. This type of betting is extremely similar to betting on the Super Bowl, but the payouts will come much earlier on.

Another interesting futures betting option is to parlay a handful of division title winners into one single bet. This can lead to a pretty impressive payout, especially if you include four or more teams into that bet.

Regular Season Wins

Another interesting way to bet on team success in the regular season is a bet on the total number of regular season wins for each team in the league. Even though the odds for this type of wager will resemble an over/under bet, it is still considered a future market.

The best time to make a bet on the number of regular season wins is right before the season begins. The odds will still be offered as the season moves along, but you will get the most value from your wager if it is placed before the regular season.

Regular Season MVP

When it comes to individual players awards in the NFL, the MVP is the highest honor that any one single player can achieve. The regular season MVP Award has been going to quarterbacks in recent seasons, but it’s typically always going to the best offensive player in the league.

The MVP betting odds are going to change a ton throughout the season, especially if one particular player has a big game. By the end of the season, there are only going to be a few players left on the list of MVP betting favorites.

Comeback Player of the Year

Another extremely popular player market is a bet on which player will win the Comeback Player of the Year Award. Since the NFL is such a violent and physical sport, players tend to be lost for the entire season at times.

The biggest triumph is when a player is able to get through adversity and excel the following season. Comeback Player of the Year odds aren’t usually going to have as many players listed, especially right at the beginning of the season.

NFL Draft Markets

There are actually future betting markets that are offered in the month of April and have nothing to do with the action on the football field. The NFL Draft is always one of the biggest events of the entire NFL season, and sportsbooks are going to accept wagers on it as well.

When it comes to the NFL Draft, there are a number of different ways to place a bet. The biggest bet that is placed is on which player will ultimately be selected with the first player in the NFL Draft.

Every year it seems as if new NFL Draft betting markets become available, and that keeps things fresh and interesting when it comes to future NFL betting.

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