5 Simple Ways to Maintain Your Computer

Is your computer running slower than usual? Does it take longer to start a program as quickly as it once did? It sounds like your computer is need of a maintenance session. Computers don’t stay fast forever. When you neglect to maintain, problems in performance may arise. In this guide, we provide you with tips that will help keep your computer as efficient as the day you bought it.

Remove Unused Software

One way to help keep your computer and tip-top shape is to remove programs that you don’t use anymore. Going through the “Add and Remove Programs” utility of your computer will allow you to remove outdated software that you might have no use to you. Cleaning up your computer of these programs will improve your computer’s speed and free up its memory.

Backup Your Data

You cannot always guarantee that your data will be safe in your hard drive. It is best to back it up in the event that your hard drive fails. Doing this will allow you to bring your computer back to a more recent state. This protects your computer from unexpected crashes and saves you time from having to redo everything manually. There are plenty of options available to backup your data such as saving your files on an external hard drive, keeping them in multiple discs, or use programs like Sugarsync to store your files online.

Utilize Antivirus and Spyware Scans

The internet can be a great tool, but sometimes it can also pose threats to your computer in the form of viruses. Some internet annoyances come as spyware and adware, which are not as destructive as viruses, but can still drastically reduce your computer’s speed. Equipping your computer with antivirus and spyware software is the suit of armor it needs to defend against these attacks. Usually, antivirus software monitors the system in real time, alarming you when a threat is present. Even with that, it is suggested to run a full scan once a month to guarantee that your computer has not been infected.

Defragment Your Disks

As you use delete files from a disk, its operating system fills the space with new files. Sometimes the new file is too big to fit, so it stores the excess data in another location. When you continue to use your computer and delete files, more and more files begin to be scattered all over the disk. Defragmentation is a method to link those files back together so that the computer can run more efficiently since the data access time is reduced.

Clean Your Hardware

Computer maintenance isn’t only limited to interacting with its software and OS. Its internal hardware and its exterior should be maintained as well. Dust often finds its way both outside and inside computers, causing it to trap heat which will reduce its performance and lifespan. If not taken care of properly, it may subject your computer to chronic overheating issues. To clean the inside, first make sure that the computer is unplugged. Next, open the case and use compressed air to blow the dust out. Be careful not to use cleaning liquid and solutions as these can destroy the circuit boards. As for the exterior of the computer, gently wiping it with a damp microfiber cloth or towel will do the job. If you get data loss, you can use some third party recovery software, EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard. It is nice to use. Many users there. It is a free data recovery software, you can use the free trial .

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