Quntis Computer Monitor Light Bar Review

Want a light that can brighten up your desk without reflecting off your monitor’s display and increasing eye strain? Using a screen light bar is your best bet, as it’ll be fixed above your monitor in such a way that there’ll be no reflection and it won’t add to the clutter on your desk either.

If you’re interested then you should know that light bars can come in many shapes and sizes. But one of the most interesting ones we’ve had the opportunity to try out is the Quintis Computer Monitor Light Bar.

“Why Use the Quntis Computer Monitor Light Bar?”

Compared to other light bars, the Quntis Computer Monitor Light Bar has a lot going for it. In fact, has a number of key benefits that you should know about:

  • Less eye strain
    The Quntis Computer Monitor Light Bar is designed with a unique asymmetrical optical design specifically to avoid eye strain. Not only is its lighting angle perfect to avoid reflected glare, but it also has a blue light filter to protect your eyes further. It should be noted that its lighting has passed both the IEC62471 Optical Radiation Safety as well as IEC62778 Anti-Blue Light Certification standards.
  • Perfect lighting
    The lighting that this light bar provides is close to perfect. It has an illumination of 700 lux, and adjustable controls that can change the color temperature from 3,000 to 6,500K – allowing you to switch between warm and cool light as required.
  • Easy and automated controls

    The sensitive touch controls of this light bar make it easy for you manually adjust the brightness and color temperature. Additionally you can turn on the ‘auto dimming’ feature that will use its ambient light sensor to automatically adjust the lighting to optimal levels throughout the day.
  • Fits on any monitor thickness
    The Quntis Computer Monitor Light Bar comes with two different thickness adjustment covers, allowing it to fit on any monitor between 0.6 to 1.4 inches. That includes normal monitors as well as thin, ultra-thin, or irregular monitors – but not curved panels.
  • Two models with different lengths
    It is worth noting that there are two models of the Quntis Computer Monitor Light Bar, each with different lengths. The shorter one has a lamp length of 15.7 inches which makes it suitable for monitors that are 15 to 22 inches. On the other hand there is another longer light bar that you can try which is 20.4 inches and is best for monitors that are 22 to 29 inches.


As you can see the Quntis Computer Monitor Light Bar is a great option if you’re looking for a light bar that is easy to use, looks great, and is versatile – yet at a budget-friendly price. It will do everything that you’d expect from a light bar and help to illuminate your desk perfectly while keeping your eyes safe.

Few other solutions hold a candle to the benefits it offers – especially at the same price point.