xFyro ANC Pro: Hi-tech True Wireless Earbuds

Finding reliable earbuds can be a difficult task. The product needs to be compact and comfortable to accommodate prolonged use. The battery life is also crucial, as you don’t want your gadget to fail you when you need it most. High-quality materials to protect the item from damage are also welcome.

Only a few devices tick all these boxes, and xFyro ANC Pro is one of them. Let’s see how these true wireless earbuds can enhance your listening experience.

Fully Immersive Audio

The ANC Pro is designed to keep unwanted noise away from your ears. There’s an advanced algorithm with dual beamforming mics that intercept sounds before they reach you. The AI can recognize over 6,000 distinct sounds and categorizes them into two groups: essential and non-essential.

The essential noises pass through the speakers, signaling for the earbuds to lower the volume and enable you to hear them. These sounds include incoming traffic, alarms, voices addressing you, and sirens. The others are blocked out, allowing you to enjoy your music in peace.

100-hour Battery

The earbuds also boast an industry-leading battery life. Each charge gives you up to 10 hours of playback time, with an additional 90 hours in your carrying case. This provides 100 hours of uninterrupted listening.

When the noise-suppressing AI is active, the battery life goes down to eight hours. This isn’t a dramatic reduction, but you may want to turn off the AI if you wish to make the most of your battery.

Graphene Audio

The ANC Pro comes with graphene speakers. It’s a nano-particle and one of the thinnest, strongest materials on the globe. It delivers rich sounds, more volume, and satisfying bass. In addition, the speakers won’t degrade as quickly due to graphene’s immense strength.

Waterproof Exterior

Although the earbuds don’t feature the same water protection as the ARIA model, they can withstand practically any weather conditions. They are IPX5-certified, meaning they can endure high water pressure. As a result, you can wear them in downpours without damaging the components. They’re also ideal for intense workouts since profuse sweating won’t harm them.

That said, the ANC Pro isn’t designed for full submersion. Therefore, using them in the shower is ill-advised, and you can’t swim with them.

Keeping Dust at Bay

The earbuds come with a protective seal to prevent debris and dust from getting inside. They are also buttonless, eliminating any cracks for tiny particles to pass through. Consequently, you can go dirt biking and take the earbuds to a sandy beach without risking malfunction.

Extremely Comfortable

The ANC Pro was designed with ear canal models to produce a comfortable inner-ear fit. You don’t need to jam the device inside your ear because it conforms naturally to the curves. It fits snugly without irritation or pain and almost feels like there’s nothing at all inside.

The ANC Pro Is a Great Pick

With so many robust features, the earbuds are perfect for extended listening sessions. They produce crisp audio and don’t strain your ears, allowing you to your favorite tracks without a hitch.

To find out more about the product, check out xFyro’s website www.xFyro.com.