The Importance Of Backup And Recovery For Remote Workers

As rapid shifts in work locations give way to a steadier structure around remote work, companies face a new challenge: Security.

With staff now using company-provided equipment and personal devices to access networks many employees are likely working from home for the foreseeable future. This opens up more vulnerabilities of a cybersecurity attack. A recent survey found that 91% of businesses are reporting an increase in cyberattacks since the pandemic began.

While proactive support can help avert some of these attacks, no defense is absolute. As a result, organizations need to establish backup and disaster recovery (BDR) strategies.

By the Numbers

After a significant major data breach, roughly 40-60% of small businesses will close for good. Lack of planning is only part of the issue. Many companies are also struggling with adapting BDR strategies to suit the newly adapted remote staff setting. For small business managers and owners, these numbers highlight a growing need for robust BDR policies that both address current requirements and can scale up to meet emerging demands even for smaller organizations. Make sure to check out the accompanying resource below for more information on tips for backup and recovery for remote workers.

Infographic created by MXOtech, a Disaster Recovery Company

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