5 Ways to Kill Time with Your Smartphone

When you have finished cycling after a long day, all you want to do is put up your feet and relax. Yet when you are relaxing, what activities are available for you to pass the time? Well if you’re looking for an all-in-one device that boasts a wide assortment of things to do, look no further than your smartphone.

A smartphone is one of the best tools in anyone’s arsenal that is trying to pass the time. Due to its portable nature, it’s with you wherever you go. As a result, whether you’re going for a quick pit stop in the middle of a cycling session or staying overnight at a hotel, your phone will always be there to help you fight off the boredom.

At least that’s the case if the phone is loaded up with the right apps and content. To help in that regard, below are five ways to kill time with your smartphone.

1. Online casino

To have a quick little flutter, there’s no better choice than an online casino. The best casinos all have a large collection of games, whether it is roulette or poker. One of the best picks is online slot machines. When you play the Unibet online slots, for example, you have 400 virtual machines to choose from which all offer fun play mechanics and a great user experience.

2. Play a game

As you know, app stores are populated with a vast array of different games to play. This ensures there’s something for everyone, whether you are eight or 80. The only issue is finding which games are worth playing. Thankfully, GamesRadar+ has a list of the 70 best android games, so the search doesn’t have to be a long one.

3. Learn a new language

Why not kill time while also learning a new skill at the same time? There are many different apps you can download to help you learn everything from Spanish to Japanese. Arguably the most popular app around at the moment is Duolingo. This platform allows the user to consume daily bite-sized lessons which last a few minutes, making it a great option when you want a quick break from normality.

4. Browse Reddit

There’s an endless amount of ways to read news via your smartphone. However, few options can match the comprehensive nature of Reddit. Think of any topic, no matter how obscure, and you’re likely to find it has its own dedicated section on Reddit. It’s also a fantastic platform for general discussions, funny videos, fun facts, and everything in between. To browse Reddit with ease, make sure to use a dedicated app like BaconReader.

5. Podcasts

The podcast world is currently in a golden era. While it may have been tricky to find a substantial list of podcasters to listen to a few years ago, that’s certainly not the case now. Comedians, crime investigators, businessmen, general hobbyists – it can seem like pretty much everyone has a podcast in this day and age. The only problem is finding the time to listen to all your favorites.

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