Meet the World’s First AI-Powered True Wireless Headphones

Artificial intelligence is making its way into our cars, homes, and phones. And now, Redux Audio has programmed a brand new AI to revolutionize your listening experience in their new true wireless headphones, ReduxBuds.

ReduxBuds AI-powered active noise cancelation technology listens to the world around you as you listen to your music. It can actually identify over 6000 sounds in your environment, and when it recognizes a sound you need to hear, it allows it to pass through the speakers.

The AI-powered Transparency Mode is a breakthrough in ANC tech, and it’s only found in ReduxBuds. It will allow listeners to stay aware of their surroundings without ever having to press pause.

ReduxBuds AI-powered sound is launching soon, and it’s about to change the way we listen to music on the go. Grab yours today for a special pre-launch price of 50% off at

The AI is revolutionary, but it’s far from the only exciting innovation inside ReduxBuds. Take a look at how these true wireless earbuds are about to change the game.

Nano Tech Speakers

ReduxBuds’ speakers are made with graphene drivers. Graphene is a nanoparticle known for being incredibly thin and unbelievably strong (200x stronger than steel!). This makes it an amazing material for speakers.

Graphene has been shown to increase volume range and boost clarity in speakers. And ReduxBuds went the extra mile by making their speakers 40% larger than competitors, giving their earbuds unrivaled tonal range and booming bass.

The only problem with graphene is that it’s expensive. But thanks to ReduxBuds pre-launch discount, you can get a pair of studio-quality true wireless earbuds for a steal.

100-hour Battery

Shattering records for battery life before it even hits shelves, ReduxBuds are about to be the new standard in battery performance.

The earbuds feature continuous playback of up to 10 hours on a single charge and an additional 90 hours of power in the portable charging case. That means you can listen all day, every day, without having to worry about your life’s soundtrack going quiet.

Ergonomic Fit

Say goodbye to itchy, painful earbuds that you can barely wear for more than an hour. ReduxBuds were designed by ergonomic engineers for a perfect fit.

They fit snug in your ear canal, and the soft tips are made to move with your body—not against it. The result is a pair of earbuds that are not just comfortable but feel like nothing is there. There’s no better way to enjoy your music than to feel like it’s playing all around you and not vibrating into your ears.

Bluetooth 5.0

Bluetooth 5.0 is the latest in wireless technology. You won’t find a pair of true wireless earbuds with better wireless tech.

Here’s what Bluetooth 5.0 brings to the table:

  • Instant pairing
  • Zero lag
  • Uninterrupted music and phone access
  • Crystal clear calling
  • 30 ft wireless range

For further reduced audio-visual latency, turn on gaming mode for an extra boost of wireless power—only found in ReduxBuds.

IPX5 Weatherproof

Why buy a pair of wireless earbuds if you can’t take them wherever you go? ReduxBuds are outfitted for the outdoors, the gym, the office, and anywhere else life takes you.

The earbuds are sealed with IPX5 waterproofing tech, making them resistant to sweat, rain, and sustained water pressure. They are also protected against dust and debris.

Take them on your next run, hike, or bike ride. They’re up for anything.

Google and Siri on Board

You don’t need your smartphone to take care of business, surf the web, make dinner reservations, or send messages. Do it all from ReduxBuds.

With a simple tap, you can access your personal assistant (Google, Siri, etc.) and have complete access to your phone using voice commands.

Go ahead and leave your smartphone in your locker or your bag. With ReduxBuds, you can manage all your personal, business, and entertainment needs hands-free.

Order ReduxBuds Today for 50% Off

If you’re a tech lover or a music lover, you can’t miss the opportunity to grab ReduxBuds for 50% off. The AI-powered ANC tech, battery life, and sound quality of these earbuds are about the change the industry in a big way.

When you order now, you’ll save a massive $125, making these bad boys cheaper than almost all of the leading true wireless headphones, including AirPods Pro—but only for a limited time! When ReduxBuds hit the shelves, you’ll have to pay full price.

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