Best Practices in Hiring a Web Design Agency

Web Design Agency

A well-designed business website is a powerful branding tool. Since many people today conduct transactions online, companies need to adapt to the evolving needs of tech-savvy consumers. While most large corporations can afford to hire an in-house web development team, the same is not always applicable to medium and small enterprises. As such, the solution is finding a web development agency to outsource the job.

Outsourcing a significant task, especially designing and building a company website involves many considerations. To ensure that the project goes smoothly, the following best practices should help guide you through the process.

Clearly define the scope of the project

Before hiring a web design agency, it is necessary to outline a plan and document what you expect in the final output. Make sure to have a clear and concise list of parameters that includes technical specifications, functionalities, and design elements you want to be considered for the project. By making sure that you have a precise foundation as a jump-off point for the project, it is easier for the agency to interpret your needs and fill in all the gaps.

Agency involvement should start from the earliest planning stage

According to a web design Oxford agency, it is vital to consider an outsourced partner as a real partner. In designing a website, you need to involve them starting even during the planning stage. Since they are experts, they can make valuable suggestions and have a broader perspective on what the company needs as opposed to what they want.

Verify timelines and monitor project resources

It is the client’s responsibility to ensure that the agency clearly understands timelines and deadlines. From the start of the project, these expectations need to be defined. During the process, the client should also check in periodically and verify if there is a need for adjustments or if any of the resources are lacking. Checking in helps remind the agency that you are on top of things and want the project done by the expected completion date.

Constant communication

Outsourcing web design for your company does not mean you leave the work unattended and follow up only when it is due. Communication is key so that the agency can give you a heads up on their progress. This way, you can also see how everything is coming along and request changes if necessary.

Provide access to third-party tools upfront

Even when a web design project is well thought out and planned, there may still be hiccups along the way. One critical task the client needs to do is make sure that the agency has access to all APIs and tools from the get-go. One example would be payment gateways where the agency needs to have everything up and running, tested, and verified before the project gets turned over to the client.


There are many benefits to hiring a web design agency. But to ensure the success of the project, collaboration is key. As partners, it is upon the client and the agency to work together closely for successful project completion.

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