What Gadgets Can We Expect To See Esports Take By Storm?

Professional gamers can now earn more than $3 million by seizing the top prize at a single esports tournament. It is a hugely lucrative pursuit and it is becoming increasingly competitive, so aspiring stars will try anything to gain an edge over their rivals.

They all devote an enormous amount of time to training, while they also bring in sports psychologists to help plot a path to success. No expenses are spared and they will invest heavily in the most cutting-edge technology available. These are the top gadgets poised to take the esports scene by storm:

Astro Gaming A50 Wireless Headset

Effective communication is vital for esports teams and they need to invest in the very best headsets available. The Astro A50 Wireless offers everything you could possibly want from a gaming headset after recently enjoying a strong upgrade. It is lightweight, stylish and supremely comfortable. It really immerses you in your favourite games, and your voice comes through loud and clear. You can fine-tune its audio output and it offers esports stars excellent levels of customization. The battery life is around 15 hours and the headphones feel great throughout extended gaming sessions.

Razer Viper Mouse

Most professional gamers use a mouse and keyboard due to the superior levels of speed, fluidity and accuracy this combination offers. The Razer Viper is probably the best mouse available for serious gamers right now due to its lightweight design, 16,000 DPI and Razer Chroma lighting. It is small and comfortable, but it packs a hefty punch. It boasts 1,000 Hz Ultrapolling and it is packed full of features, with eight fully programmable buttons. The wireless performance of this ambidextrous mouse is also fantastic. This is a great device for anyone seeking a competitive edge.

SteelSeries Apex Pro

Professional gamers need top of the range keyboards as they bid to seize the eye-watering prizes on offer at Dota 2, League of Legends and CS:GO tournaments. If you check out the esports odds – and this is the best place for Esports betting – you will gain an idea of the biggest tournaments. Watch them on Twitch or YouTube and you will plenty of sleek, stylish keyboards being pounded. There are none better than the SteelSeries Apex Pro, which features a gorgeous aluminium build, intelligent OLED display and magnetic switches. Its performance puts it in the elite bracket, and the custom actuation function is great for pros. It is quiet and comfortable to use, so it really stands out in a crowded, competitive market.

J+S Vision Blue Light Shield Glasses

Aspiring esports stars must spend many hours each day looking at a screen and that can take a toll on your eyes. These glasses are the perfect companion in your pursuit of esporting excellence, as they offer solid protection from macular degeneration and sore, dry eyes. They will improve your performance during long gaming sessions by blocking more than 90% of harmful blue light. This also makes it easier to get some much-needed sleep after a gruelling gaming session. Crucially, it also offers low colour distortion, meaning your ability to follow the action is not impaired. The classic frame is comfortable and suitably svelte, and the glasses are very reasonably priced, making them an excellent purchase for all gamers.

Secretlab Omega Chair

Millionaire esports stars do not subject their posteriors to hard, uncomfortable chairs when competing for fame and fortune. They require all-singing, all-dancing gaming chairs that offer superb comfort and boost posture. Step forth the Secretlab Omega, replete with a racing seat, 165-degree recline, velour memory foam pillows and a versatile tilt function. This is a beast of a chair, weighing 66 lbs, but it looks great in a variety of different colours. The materials used to build it are of an exceptionally high quality, and it really stands out from the crowd.

Logitech C930e

Nowadays it is crucial for esports stars to enjoy a strong presence on streaming sites like Twitch and YouTube. Fans love to watch on as pro gamers display their skills and offer a running commentary on the action, so buying a high-end webcam is important. Logitech’s G922 is a worthy successor to the C920 and it remains the king of webcams, but the C930e goes even further. Its wide, 90-degree field is great, it provides on-board video processing, the Zeiss lens is of a very high quality and the image clarity is fantastic.

EPG Gamer Gloves

Sweaty hands are an occupational hazard for all gamers. Gripping a controller or mouse for hours on end can cause a great deal of perspiration, so it might be an idea to invest in some high-quality gaming gloves. EPG’s Gamer Gloves contain moisture wicking material that keeps your hands dry during long sessions, and they feels cool and comfortable. This might help avoid a slip of the hand that ends up costing you dearly in a big tournament. The gloves also look great. They are particularly helpful for console players, so you could start seeing them more frequently at big FIFA tournaments in future.