Common Myths About Slots

Slot machines are one of those games people have prejudices about. Various myths about slots are associated with them, and sometimes they can affect potential bettors give up playing. We will try to reveal the truth behind Vulkan Vegas slot machines and many more products you can play online. You will see that a trustworthy casino in combination with safe slot machine guarantees nothing but fun.

Top Myths About Online Slots

Let’s cut to the chase. People usually think slot machines are, well, fake. This is simply not true. Though the story behind the honesty of slots is a bit complicated, the bottom line is that machines are a game of luck and no one can ensure a win on a slot.

Have in mind that some small steps you can take to increase winning chances are far away from fraud strategies and trying to defeat random number generator. You should choose products with higher return to player (not under 95%), better features, and, of course, higher potential jackpots.

Will Slot Ever Hit Again?

Another common myth is that a slot that has just hit the jackpot will not do that for ages. That is another deception; each machine is an individual piece. The rounds are not connected in a way they can influence each other.

The chances are the same for everyone. Just like, it does not mean that a slot that has not hit the jackpot in a long time will trigger it soon. That is just how random events function.

Yes, online casinos control slot machines in a way but not how most people think. They are just adjusting the product odds based on their financial politics and business. They must not affect any general rules or regulations given. Otherwise, they would lose the license for operating.

The AutoPlay Feature

In one word – it does not matter whether you use mechanical spins or spin by yourself. The chances are equal for every player just like with every other misinterpretation of the features casino offers.

Jackpots Are for High-Rollers

Not true. The status you have in a casino might give you some benefits. However, winning a jackpot is not one of them. You can:

  • collect comp points;
  • take part in tournaments;
  • qualify to win some prizes (e.g. travels, extra play money).

But that’s all, no casino will provide you winning just because you are a high-roller or leave you behind if you have a smaller budget.

What About Land-Based Slots?

Land-based slot machines also bring many myths. There are beliefs, such as:

  • You have fewer chances if you use a loyalty card.
  • You have to pull the handle instead of spin the wheel in order to trigger a win and many others.

And again these beliefs are false if you play in trustful and licenced gambling house.

The Biggest Myth About Slots

Perhaps the phrase “the house always wins” is true in a way, but casinos fixing slot machines – not possible. Every product has its edge and players know that before they start spinning the wheel.

There are all transparent information, and gambling houses do not try to cover anything. Just have in mind that respectable casinos hold the license of eminent institutions. That means they passed many levels of control from regulatory bodies. That they respect fairness and that security is important to them. This type of negative conspiracy theory makes players lose their trust in casinos in general.

Final Thoughts

You have to admit that the moment you decide gambling is the moment you are ready to lose some money. No casino and no software provider can guarantee winnings and huge amounts. After all, online gaming should be focusing on fun. Practising, just enjoying beautiful features and imaginative bonuses

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