The Best 2019 VR Games on PC

PC games are now there to get you and your eyes covered with some of the best moments in gaming. Have you ever asked yourself what are the best VR games? Surely there are plenty of them and the collection is growing faster and bigger.

Just like how it is at online casino gambling we all have come across quite a number of online casino games that are of different types and traits. However, let’s start being picky and select the best 2019 VR games you can play on PC. it’s just that simple!

REZ Infinite

According to REZ Infinite is one of those top-class VR games that can accommodate players to play on their PC. It is a musical twin-sick shooter game that is full of action-packed and if you are into action games this one is surely for you. The game’s main objective is to tackle the waves of Tron-Esque enemies which will be moving through the subsystems of a corrupted far-future AI.

What’s fascinating is that the game was released in 2001 through Dreamcast. But it has undergone some version revamp and it on its way to PC.

Hover Junkers

This is actually amazing and top of the range VR game you can play on PC with great graphics. Hover Junkers is multiplayer and the action on the game is more similar to that of a rail shooter such as Time Crisis. It is however not in the same wavelength as the popular ones like Call of Duty or Titanfall.

However, the gameplay of Hover Junkers is quite extraordinary. The game relies on its simplicity and tactility all being concentrated in the light as well as the animation style that will take you back in the days of TimeSplitters and Team Fortress 2.

You can pause online sports betting for a bit and give yourself time and appreciate the gameplay that comes from VR games you can play on your PC. And the good thing is that you will play for free, not for real money.

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