10 Easy Professional Tips For Camera Users

Here in this passage we will see about the tips for the professional camera users.To know more about camera and its tips please find it here at NoFluffTech.

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1 – Read The Instruction Manual

It seems like this would be the basics, but a lot of people do not! Many ignore the instruction manual because they find it annoying to read and that it will not bring any benefit. And that’s where people start to make mistakes. Even a quick read will help you out and clear up some simple questions. And the information included in the manual will make you learn and feel more confident about your equipment

2 – Learn About Composition Basics

Knowing how to compose a photograph is half way to a good photograph. You can shoot with a cell phone and get good results just by using the basics of composition. A well-framed photo draws people’s attention at first, and that’s indifferent to their equipment.

3 – Learn About The 3 Pillars Of Light: Iso, Speed And Aperture

The 3 pillars of light are essential for a consistent and mature photograph. When you have control of these 3 elements, ISO, Aperture and Speed, you will be able to create more with the photograph.

4 – Learn About Light

Studying the light is very important. Both artificial light and natural light. Understanding the effects of light on your photos will give you control over the outcome of your photos. I photograph only with natural light, so I studied to better understand the sun and its effects in my images and today I know how to use the light of the sun in my favor.

5 – Challenge Yourself

Because I am a travel photographer, I am very lucky to be in various places and photograph different things. Even so, it is not easy to try something new, we should always be stimulating ourselves and trying to see differently.

Shooting different objects and trying new things is the best you have to do to extract the best from your camera and from you. Leaving your photography comfort zone will broaden your field of vision and opportunities. Shoot the night, at sunset, try different angles, apertures and speeds on the same object. To help, see this post on creative ways to frame photos.

6 – Always Be With Your Camera

That’s what I always say, always being with your camera will give you more and more confidence and you will understand the process much faster. When the camera is part of you, everything becomes easier, it will be an extension of you.

7 – Buy A Fixed Lens

Something very important in photography is investment, and investing in a fixed lens is one of the first steps to be taken. I already told you here why all photographers should have a 50mm. Maybe this will help you understand what I mean.

8 – Shoot Always In Raw

Want to have better image quality? Shoot in RAW file, so you have total control of your photo at the time of editing it. I know it might be challenging at first to start shooting in RAW, mainly because you will have to edit your photos in a Lightroom or Aperture type program. The JPEG file is easier because the camera was already part of the editing process, so in theory the photo is almost ready. But shooting in RAW is one more step as you move up towards professionalism and quality.

9 – Always Edit Your Photos

I learned over time how important it is to edit my photos, even if it’s a small adjustment like tidying the horizon, adjusting the exposure. Even if little, you should try, if you started shooting in RAW this will be impresssindivel and can not get away from it. Editing your images must be part of your Workflow.

After I import my photos through Lightroom, the second thing is to start editing the photos. In time you take practice and you already know what you want to do. I’ve developed my own Lightroom presets that help me in this process. With my presets my editing process gets much faster and my photos always have the same style of color and light . See the presets here .

10 – Keep Always Shooting

I know that ‘sometimes we lose the urge to shoot because we are not reaching the goal, or our photos are not very good. This has already happened to me and I stayed for almost a year without touching my camera. At that time I realized that this did not do me very well. Photographing is an exercise we should always do. With this you will train your look and your techniques.

In life everything takes time for things to happen, never lose hope of having better photos if that is your goal. Always photograph, no matter what.

Never forget, photography is something we will always be learning. No matter the age or the experience time, there will always be new things to learn to develop. Always stay active and never give up on your goals. Invest your time that soon there will be the payback you expect.

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