Understanding the Benefits of Vaping Compared to Conventional Cigarettes

For quite a few years now vaping has steadily grown in popularity as an alternative to conventional cigarettes. While it is still new and the long-term impact of vaping is unknown, the main reason why it is so attractive is the fact that it has many very clear-cut benefits.

Some of the more notable benefits that you stand to gain by vaping as opposed to smoking regular cigarettes are:

  • It costs less overall

    Although vaping often requires a more significant initial outlay to purchase the equipment that you need, in the long term it will cost significantly less. The exact difference depends on the equipment and type of liquid you vape – as well as the price of cigarettes in your location.

  • None of stains of cigarettes

    Cigarettes tend to get on everything from teeth to skin, walls, and so on and stain them with an uneven yellow hue. That is mostly a mix of the tar and chemicals in conventional cigarettes, and vaping doesn’t have that problem.

  • Diverse tastes (and smells)

    Cigarette smoke may smell heavenly to smokers, but it doesn’t to others. In fact even a smoker would be hard-pressed to admit they enjoy the smell of stale smoke. In contrast however vaping comes in a variety of flavors that taste and smell much more pleasant. It can be anything from apple pie to vanilla – and there are lots of concoctions to experiment with.

  • Easier to control nicotine intake

    Vaping makes it a lot easier to control the amount of nicotine that you’re consuming. The flavors that are available contain various concentrations, so you can gradually reduce the amount of nicotine that you consume and make it easier for you to quit entirely.

  • Overall the more healthy option

    Most research so far supports the conclusion that vaping is overall a healthier option than smoking – though not doing either is much, much better. Some studies have shown risks such as ‘popcorn lung’ may be a long-term risk, but as of yet it is still a gray area. Generally smokers who switch to vaping report an increase in lung function.

  • Less risk of fire

    It is amazing how many fire-related incidents stem from cigarettes that are left burning, smoked in bed, and so on. With vaping there is less of a risk of fire due to the fact that there is no open flame or hot cherry that could ignite one. That being said there have been cases of ‘exploding’ vapes due to poor battery safety.

By this point you should be starting to see the benefits of vaping, and may even be interested in learning more. If that is the case you should head over to VIP e-cigarette to check out the options that are available.

Make no mistake the benefits of vaping make it worth looking into. In fact it could even be exactly the step that you need to take if you want to quit smoking completely and dramatically improve your health.