Is Airsoft Safe?

Often lumped together with other extreme sports, like paintball, the question of safety is common when it comes to airsoft. Since the majority of the guns are replicas of the real thing, the sport can look intimidating. You can read more about the guns themselves in extensive reviews at Extreme Sport Land, including airsoft sniper rifles, SMGs, AK47s, and many others.
While the guns might look real, the game does not come with the dangers you would face if playing with live ammo.

  1. Wear your Gear: The sport of airsoft is completely safe as long as the proper rules are followed. This includes having the correct safety gear on before you enter the battlefield. You don’t necessary need any padding for your body, but wearing long sleeves and long pants will help keep the pellets from really hitting you hard and cutting into your skin. You do need to wear protective goggles to keep your eyes safe as they are the most vulnerable part of your body when it comes to airsoft.
  2. Pellet Speed: If safety is still concerning you in the sport of airsoft, you should consider what the ammunition is as well as the operation of the guns themselves. Airsoft uses plastic pellets rather than metal BBs. While the plastic pellets can still bruise you and, if you have exposed skin, can cut you, there is no risk of any serious injury from being struck by one. Additionally, the pellets do not have a high velocity that could inflict damage. The guns may look real, but they do not have any of the power that can come from a live ammo rifle.
  3. Where are you playing?: Something else that can help keep you safe when playing airsoft is to play at a registered airsoft field rather than an open space somewhere else. This increases your safety for several reasons, including not accidentally injuring a bystander with a pellet. The biggest reason for playing in a controlled environment, however, is because of how realistic airsoft rifles can look. Even with an orange tip, if someone didn’t know you were playing airsoft, he or she could call the cops on you, ruining your game and putting your own safety at risk if the cop did not see the orange safety.
  4. Treat the Guns Right: One of the best safety measures you can take with airsoft guns is to treat the gun as if it were a live ammo rifle. Even if a plastic pellet is not as dangerous as a bullet, if you treat it as if it is, you will keep those around you safe. This means no pointing it at anyone without the intention of shooting, no messing around with it without gear on, and keeping it unloaded when you aren’t using it.

The bottom line when it comes to airsoft safety is common sense. If you treat your gun well and have respect for those around you, you should be able to have a great time on the field while keeping everyone safe.

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