Cabot – a Smart Percussion Robot for SOLO Musicians

Cabot is a percussion robot that plays the cajon, the wooden box drum originally from Peru and now seen all over the world. Cabot is not a robot to be simply gawked at. It is a robot that you have a great time playing music together with.

Cabot’s crowdfunding campaign is now live on Kickstarter, running until the end of May. Don’t miss the really cool campaign video! It shows the Cabot jamming with really talented musicians.

Their Kickstarter page is here:

You can see various demonstration Videos here:

Jamming with Cabot is easy. Attach it to a cajon and use original smartphone app to activate it. Your performance is jacked up a notch with pumping, natural acoustic rhythm. Your music is instantly elevated to a whole new realm as you jam together in perfect time with YOU directing the flow. It’s a completely cool and fun jamming experience!

The Cabot percussion robot was born in the mind of Hideaki Iio, director of the Cabot development team in Kyoto, Japan. He wanted to add sounds and colors to his guitar playing and tried several apps, but none fit him. Instead he wanted real acoustic sounds to enjoy his jamming. This led him to start his new project. He gathered together some engineers and started developing Cabot.

So we don’t need a drummer anymore!? That’s not their aim or concept. They have been focusing on developing a product rhythmically enhances SOLO performance, a robot that you can enjoy jamming anytime at home.