How to Build Trust in Your Brand

For any online business to succeed, it needs to develop trust among its customers. Customers need to feel assured that the products or services they see being advertised for sale are the same ones they will actually receive once they complete their transactions. Trust is also a major issue when it comes to the very final stage of making a sale. If shoppers don’t feel secure when it comes to handing out their financial or other personal information, their goods will never leave their shopping carts.

Trustworthiness can be built into the identity of your brand and, by adding a few other elements as detailed in the following tips, you can ensure your business continues to thrive.

No Surprises

A common reason or shopping cart abandonment, where customers select products and head to the checkout page, only to leave the site before they have completed the transaction, is the addition of unexpected shipping charges.

Many customers will see this kind of behavior as potentially deceitful and will not only be unlikely to give you their money but may even damage your reputation by detailing their unhappy experience on social media. Ensure all the information relating to your products or services is provided upfront and you’ll dramatically reduce the chances of experiencing such issues. You should also ensure your checkout system is easy to use with as few clicks as possible before product selection and purchase.

Utilize Trusted Partners

If you want customers to perceive your site as being risk-free, it’s a good idea to work hand in hand with established payment providers such as Stripe or PayPal. You’ll also want to provide reassurances about the security of any customer data you hold and display and security seals of certificates that you have. Such elements build trust in your brand by leveraging the trust that already exists in these other enterprises.

E-commerce platforms such as BigCommerce have multiple payment gateways built in so using such a platform as the basis for your online store will enable customers to feel secure in their transactions right away. Working with a web development partner for the platform of your choice, such as, will enable you to tweak the design of your store to reflect both your brand and your core values better, further increasing trust among your potential customers.

Keep It Simple

Customers like to know that if they encounter any kind of problem, that they have the option of returning their products or receiving a refund for the services they sought. Ensure your policies around such issues are clearly written and extremely easy to find rather than hidden away.

The fact that such a policy is out in the open can, in many cases, matters more than the content of the policy itself. Today’s consumers value openness and transparency so having this sort of information at their fingertips can improve the way they perceive the values of your company which, in turn, makes them far more likely to complete a sale.