The Gadget You’ll Need To Protect Your Investments From Hackers

Since the many cyber attacks that have occurred globally in 2017, such as the WannaCry and Petya ransomware incidents, it’s safe to say that there’s a big increase small business owners and large enterprise purchasing the best anti-virus softwares, gadgets, and cybersecurity services on the market. But with the many business owners that are seeing an increase in the demand for such tools, and the advantage of selling products that many of these enterprises would buy, it’s hard to say which gadgets are good enough to keep their investments safe every time a hacker would try and perform an attack.

That’s why we’re here to let you know about one of the important, if not one of the best gadgets that you’ll need to protect your investments from malicious hackers. Even if you’re not a business owner yourself, many people that own a desktop or laptop are purchasing this gadget, because it promises them the security they need to avoid getting their devices infected by any kind of malware.

Yubikeys: The Electronic Key That Will Protect Your Desktops

After hearing about the ransomware attacks that have affected the productivity, finance, and reputation of many online businesses, Yubico thought of the grand idea to manufacture the electronic gadget called Yubikey. What is a Yubikey? It’s a device that can fit into the usb port of any desktop or laptop, and provide all users with the safest way to enter their company’s network.

It sets up a two-factor authentication code which induces extra security on top of the usual user-name & password credentials that you’d use to gain access to a particular account. The Yubikey can be used to protect access to your emails, your apps, and even your physical spaces where you work. Furthermore, this electronic gadget can be used to fight off against several methods that hackers utilise to take advantage of your company’s data, particularly phishing scams.

Preventing you from paying the price for a cyberattack on your company

Many businesses and laptop owners are so astounded by how much Yubico is selling its Yubikey device on the market. You’d think that it would set you back a couple of $100, but no. This little portable key would only cost you $18.

That’s right. The Yubikey that provides you with some of the security essentials, such as the two-factor authentication and phishing detection, would only cost you a mere $18.

So, if you putting in large sums into your bitcoin wallet on Blockchain, transferring payments internationally via online banking, or even collecting winnings from casino websites like Wizard Slots that enables you to play slots games, the Yubikey restricts the access to any online account from unauthorised users. Additionally, it hardens the security to keep your data, your profits, and your device safe from any malicious hacker that would trick you into open an infected link, and making your device unusable for you to use until you pay the ransom that they’d demand. It’s one of the clever ideas that Yubico came up with which keeps the quality of your network’s security high, as it keeps your expenses low.

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