5 Tips to Update Your Ofice in 2018

The beginning of a brand new year is the perfect time to create changes in your life. One of them can be your office. Now is the time to update your office and create a space where you will not only feel relaxed but also productive. Check out the list below for some tips on how you can create the perfect office space.

1. Choose a calming color palette – the office can be a stressful place when you have to meet a lot of deadlines or just have a ton of work to do. If you are planning to repaint your office, it would be a good idea to choose colors that could promote calmness and serenity, such as cool blues or greens. Don’t choose colors that are dark or too distracting. To make it easier for you, stick to neutral colors such as white, then just bring in some accent colors to liven up the place.

2. Bring in some fresh plants or flowers – workers tend to spend at least eight hours in their office. Some even get to the office very early and leave late at night, and they do not get to appreciate what’s outside. In that case, bring the outside into your office by adding some plants and flowers. Nature has a calming effect and can be the perfect addition to your office. You do need to research and plan so that the office would still look professional and not like a garden! Choose the plants you will bring and figure out how you’re going to do the layout. In offices with small spaces, do not choose big potted plants, instead, you can opt for some well-placed succulents or some fresh flowers for the area.

3. Make sure to add storage for organization – if you’re going to be adding some new furniture to the office this new year, one of your priorities should be enough storage. This is crucial especially if your company generates a lot of paperwork. Make sure to have shelves and drawers all over the work area so that every paperwork can be filed properly.

4. Declutter your work area – while there are some employees who can work even in a chaotic environment, it would still be better to declutter your work area. Even though it’s only the beginning of 2018, why not do a little spring cleaning in the office? Don’t just declutter your own workspace but the whole office. Check for files that are no longer needed so you can dispose of them and make space for the new papers that you would generate.

5. Have options for different workspaces – gone are the days when workers are only able to work in front of a desk. In fact, healthwise, many would say that sitting in front of the computer all day can be detrimental to your health. Keeping that in mind, why not offer different workspaces for employees to work from. Aside from the traditional desk, you can opt for comfortable couches and floating desks from deskview.co for your updated office.